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Citric Acid
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Citric acid, also known as sour salt, is a powdered edible acid.[1]

Characteristics edit

Like table salt, citric acid looks like small white crystals.[1][2] It is very sour, but otherwise completely neutral tasting.[1] It may also come as a solution in water.

Selection and storage edit

Citric acid keeps very well. Just keep it in a dry container, and it will last for years.[3]

Use edit

Since it is a powder with a one-dimensional flavor, citric acid is frequently used as a precise flavoring, adding sourness to food without the need to add any liquid.[1] For example, it is used in many sour candies, beverages, dressings, and more.[1][2] It can also help slow browning in some fruits and separate milk curds to make some cheeses.[3]

Substitution edit

In theory, lemon or lime juice could be used instead of citric acid—however, it will be imprecise in the amount of sourness it adds, and it will also add liquid to the dish.[1]

Recipes edit

References edit

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