Cookbook:Broccoli Burgers

Broccoli Burgers
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Broccoli burgers are a handheld foodstuff similar to hamburgers though produced with eggs and vegetables in place of beef.




  1. In a bowl, beat eggs.
  2. Stir in broccoli, almonds, onion, breadcrumbs and water.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. On an oiled 30x38 cm (12x15-inch) baking sheet, shape mixture into 4 patties, each 2 cm (¾ inch) thick.
  5. Bake in 190 °C (375 °F) oven, turning halfway through cooking, until each side is golden brown, about 25 minutes total.
  6. Serve on buns with mayonnaise and lettuce.