Cookbook:Ayaraya Ji (Nigerian Pigeon Peas and Yam)

Ayaraya Ji (Nigerian Pigeon Peas and Yam)
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Ayaraya ji is a Nigerian dish of yam and pigeon peas popular in the Nigerian state of Enugu. It's easy to prepare and its taste is irresistible.

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Procedure edit

  1. Pick any stones or debris from the pigeon peas. Cook in salted boiling water with a seasoning cube until soft.
  2. Add the yam to the pot, and cook until softened. When the yam and pigeon peas are well cooked, remove from the heat and set aside.
  3. Heat a substantial amount of palm oil in another pot. Add the shredded onions, blended pepper, and ukpaka. Cook for 3 minutes.
  4. Add the uziza, and cook for 2 minutes. Season with salt.
  5. Stir the sauce into the pigeon pea mixture. Cook for about 7 minutes, then remove from the heat.