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A number of wikibooks exist on topics that are (a) prerequisites to this book (b) companion pieces to and references for this book, and (c) of further interest to people who have completed reading this book. Below will be a listing of such books, ordered according to the categories listed above.

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The Wikiversity project also contains a number of collaborative learning efforts in the field of control systems, and related subjects. As best as possible, we will attempt to list those efforts here:

Wikiversity is also a place to host learning materials, such as assignments, tests, and reading plans. It is the goal of the authors of this book to create such materials for use in conjunction with this book. As such materials are added to wikiversity, they will be referenced here.

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There are a number of Wikipedia articles on the topics covered in this book, and those articles will be linked to from the appropriate pages of this book. However, some of the articles that are of general use to the book are:

A complete listing of all Wikipedia articles related to this topic can be found at:

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Root-Locus is a free program that was used to create several of the images in this book. That software can be obtained from the following web address:

Explicit permission has been granted by the author of the program to include screenshots on wikibooks. Images generated from the Root-Locus program should be included in Category:Root Locus Images, and appropriately tagged as a screenshot of a free software program.


MATLAB, Simulink, the Control Systems Toolbox and the Symbolic Toolbox are trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc. Other product or brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. For more information about MATLAB, or to purchase a copy, visit:

For information about the proper way to refer to MATLAB, please see:

All MATLAB code appearing in this book has been released under the terms of the GFDL by the respective authors. All screenshots, graphs, and images relating to MATLAB have been produced in Octave, with changes to the original MATLAB code made as necessary.

Octave edit

Octave is a free open-source alternative program to MATLAB. Octave utilizes a scripting language that is very similar to that of MATLAB, although there are several differences. Most of the basic examples described in this book will work equally well in MATLAB or Octave, with no changes or only minor changes. For more information, or to download a copy of Octave, visit:

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The following are some common vendors of control-related hardware and software. These links are for personal interest only, and do not constitute an official endorsement of the companies by Wikibooks.

External Publications edit

The following books and resources were used as reference works in the creation of this wikibook (books listed in alphabetical order).

  • Brogan, William L, Modern Control Theory, 3rd Edition, 1991. ISBN 0135897637
  • Chen, Chi-Tsong, Linear System Theory and Design, 3rd Edition, 1999. ISBN 0195117778
  • Dorf and Bishop, Modern Control Systems, 10th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2005. ISBN 0131277650
  • Hamming, Richard, Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers, 2nd edition, Dover, 1987. ISBN 0486652416
  • Kalman, R. E., When is a linear control system optimal, ASME Transactions, Journal of Basic Engineering, 1964
  • Kalman, R. E., On the General Theory of Control Systems, IRE Transactions on Automatic Control, Volume 4, Issue 3, p110, 1959. ISSN 0096199X
  • Ogata, Katsuhiko, Solving Control Engineering Problems with MATLAB, Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 1994. ISBN 0130459070
  • Phillips and Nagle, Digital Control System Analysis and Design, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 1995. ISBN 013309832X

The following books and resources are suitable for further reading.

  • DiStefano, Stubberud, Williams, Schaum's Outline Series Feedback and Control Systems, 2nd Edition, 1997. ISBN 0070170479
  • Franklin, Powell, Workman, Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, 3rd Edition, 1997. ISBN 9780201820546
  • Brosilow, Joseph, Techniques of Model-Based Control, 2002. ISBN 013028078X

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