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This page is going to be used to maintain a list of all the different versions available for the Control Systems book. Each different version will contain different amounts of material presented in different orders. Each version will target a different audience. Instructors can pick and choose which versions best meet their needs and the needs of their students. Readers can choose to print only the particular information that they are interested in reading.

See the Discussion Page to discuss the child versions of this book. All child versions should include the {{Control Systems/Child}} template.

All printable versions contain the standard cover page, and all the necessary end-texts. Warning: Printable versions are typically very large pages, and can take a long time to load in your browser.

Full Version edit

This version is the full-text of the Control Systems book, presented in the same order as it is listed on the main TOC. This is the version that the PDF Version is derived from. Every page listed on the main TOC is included in this version. This is the "master version" of the book. Trying to open the PDF version in your browser might be slow, so right-click on the link above, and select "Save Target As".
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PDF Version Over 2Mb
Table of Contents

Introductory Systems edit

This version serves as a basic introduction to systems theory. Advanced topics, such as integral transforms and state-space domain are not covered in any detail. Topics covered include:
  • System Identification
  • System Metrics
  • Block Diagrams
  • Signal-Flow Diagrams
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Table of Contents

Classical Controls edit

This version contains only the classical control methods, and limits the inclusion of modern control methods. This version will focus on integral transforms, and frequency response methods.
  • System Identification
  • Transforms (Laplace, Fourier, Z, Star)
  • System Representation
  • Stability Methods (Root Locus, Routh-Hurwitz, Nyquist)
  • Controllers and Compensators
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Table of Contents

Modern Controls edit

This printable version focuses on the modern control methods, and attempts to minimize the inclusion of classical control methods. The primary focus of this version will be on state-space equations, solutions of state-space equations, and Lyapunov Stability methods.
  • System Identification
  • State-Space Equations
  • System Representation
  • Stability (Lyapunov Stability)
  • Controllability, Observability
  • Controllers, Compensators
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Table of Contents

Digital Controls edit

This version will focus its study on digital control systems, focusing on the Z-transform, the use of digital systems with the state-space representation, jury's stability method, and other topics of interest to digital systems engineers.
Print Version (it) Over 120 pages long
Table of Contents