Chemical Information Sources/SIRCh

SIRCh: Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry

SIRCh provides links to factual sources on the Internet where answers can be found to chemical questions.

Main Topic Includes
* How and Where to Start Publications, Guides, Computer Searching,
Current Awareness, Reviews, Document Delivery, Background Reading
* How and Where to Search: General Chemical Databases, Author, Citation, Subject, Chemical Name, Formula, Structure Searching
* How and Where to Search: Specialized Synthesis, Reaction, Safety, Analytical, Physical, Patent Searching
* Communicating in Chemistry Blogs, Newsgroups, Listserves, Visualization, Writing
* Miscellaneous History, Directories, Teaching, Study, Careers, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics
* Supplemental Resources CIS, CIIM, Problem Sets, CRSD, CHMINF-L


How and Where to Start
How and Where to Search: General
How and Where to Search: Specialized
Communicating in Chemistry
Supplemental Resources
  • Chemical Information Sources: Lecture notes on the topics listed above.
  • CIIM: Chemical Information Instructional Materials (Web resources for more in-depth training on the topics discussed in the chapters.)
  • Problem Sets
  • CRSD: Chemical Reference Sources Database (a searchable database that covers reference books, commercial databases, etc.)
  • CHMINF-L: Chemical Information Sources Discussion List (a listserv in existence since 1991 with many chemistry librarians, chemists, publishers, and others interested in chemical information; has a searchable archive of all posts since its inception.)