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Chemical Information Instructional Materials

Problem Sets and Exercises from Indiana University edit

C471 Chemical Information Sources and Services edit
  • Ex. 1. CHMINF-L and Listserves
  • Ex. 2. Chemical Objects
    • Electronic journal titles and articles, Visualization of molecules
  • Ex. 3. Science Writing Aids
    • Structure drawing programs, Autonom, ACS Style Guide, CASSI
  • Ex. 4. The Publication Process
    • Journals and serials (primary, news, review), Monographs, Treatises, Dissertations, LC class numbers, Printed Chemical Abstracts section categories
  • Ex. 5. Internet and Other Guides
    • ChemFinder, SIRCh, Chemical Reference Sources Database (CRSD)
  • Ex. 6. General Information on Computer Searching
    • Library general subscription databases (Academic Search Premier (EBSCO), ingenta), SciFinder Scholar (Find a review article in SFS, Limiting SFS to document type), Google, Chronological coverage of databases, Using CASSI to translate journal title abbreviations
  • Ex. 7. Current Awareness and Reviews
    • Current Contents, Selection of search terms, Annual Reviews, Document delivery, Copyright
  • Ex. 8. Background Reading
    • Dictionaries, Treatises, Textbooks, Monographs, Chemical Reference Sources Database, LC class numbers and browsing, J. Chem. Educ. Chemical Education Resource Shelf, Chemical Acronyms Database, Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation
  • PS 1. Author or Citation Searching
    • Printed Chemical Abstracts, Science Citation Index (Web of Science/Knowledge), SciFinder Scholar, Beilstein
  • PS 2. Subject Searching
    • Beilstein, Science Citation Index, Index Guide and the printed Chemical Abstracts, SciFinder Scholar
  • PS 3. Chemical Name and Formula Searching
    • Beilstein, PubMed, ChemIDplus, SciFinder Scholar for Registry Number, CAS Roles, Citation Search in Science Citation Index
  • PS 4. Chemical Structure Searching
    • SciFinder Scholar, Beilstein, ChemIDplus, Types of structure searches
  • PS 5. Chemical Patent Searching
    • Science Citation Index citation search for a patent, SciFinder Scholar, esp@cenet, US Patent and Trademark Office, freepatentsonline
  • PS 6. Analytical and Physical Chemistry
    • Cambridge Structural Database, Analytical Abstracts (Analytical WebBase), Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry, CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, NIST Chemistry WebBook, Dictionary of Organic Compounds, Beilstein for melting point range search
  • PS 7. Chemical Synthesis or Reaction Information
    • Name Reaction reference books, Organic Syntheses, Beilstein, Gmelin, SciFinder Scholar, SPRESI, Chemistry of Functional Groups Series
  • PS 8. Chemical Safety or Toxicology
    • EPA Substance Registry System, CCINFOWeb, SciFinder Scholar CHEMLIST
C472 Computer Sources for Chemical Information edit
  • PS 1. SciFinder Scholar
  • PS 2. Author, Corporate, and General Name Searching in the STN LCA File
  • PS 3. Chemical Name and Formula Searcing in the STN LREG File
  • PS 4. STN Express Structure Searches
  • PS 5. Beilstein CrossFire Searches
  • PS 6. Cambridge Structural Database
I590 Information Retrieval from Chemistry and Life Sciences Databases edit
  • PS 1. Review of SciFinder Scholar
  • PS 2. Author, Corporate Name, and General Subject Searching in the STN LCA File; Chemical Name and Formula Searching in the STN LREG File
  • PS 3. Salts, Mixtures, Stereoisomers on STN; CrossFire Gmelin Searching; CrossFire Beilstein Substructure Searching
  • PS 4. Structure Searches in CA, Gmelin, and Beilstein
  • PS 5. Medical Databases, PubChem, Biomolecule Sequences and Structures
C371 (now I371) Chemical Informatics edit
  • Ex. 1. Join Appropriate Listserves or Mailing Lists
  • Ex. 2. ChemTK - 2D Structure Database Analysis Exercise
  • Ex. 3. SMILES
  • Ex. 4. SMILES as Input in the Real World
  • Ex. 5. Molecular Visualization and 3D Searching
  • Ex. 6. Molecular Modeling
  • Ex. 7. EndNote
  • Ex. 8. Importing Data from Beilstein CrossFire Into Excel
C571 (now I571) Chemical Information Technology edit

Patents edit