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Chemical Information Sources/SIRCh/Chemistry Courses on the Web

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SIRCh: Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry

NOTE: Inquiries about the courses listed below should be addressed to the academic institution in which they are offered.


Guides to Chemistry Courses on the InternetEdit

Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy CoursesEdit

Biochemistry CoursesEdit

  • MIT Biology Hypertextbook (Shane Crotty, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • NetBiochem (Topics in Medicinal Biochemistry) (James Baggott, Hahnemann and Sharon E. Dennis, University of Utah)

Chemical Information and Cheminformatics CoursesEdit

Crystallography CoursesEdit

General Chemistry CoursesEdit

Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry CoursesEdit

Organic Chemistry CoursesEdit

Physical Chemistry CoursesEdit

Polymer Chemistry CoursesEdit