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  1. Lentis/The PFAS Controversy
  2. Lentis/COINTELPRO: The FBI, Civil Rights, and Domestic Surveillance
  3. Lentis/Zoning Laws in the United States
  4. Lentis/Manual Water Collection in Developing Countries
  5. Lentis/Driving Speed Enforcement
  6. Lentis/8chan
  7. Lentis/The U.S. Pandemic Response: Influenza, 1918-1919
  8. Lentis/Chloramination of Drinking Water
  9. Lentis/Ecological Implications of Commercial Marine Fishing
  10. Lentis/Biofuels Vs. Food in Developing Countries
  1. Lentis/Gentrification
  2. Lentis/Zoning Laws in the United States
  3. Lentis/Pokémon Go
  4. Lentis/Clean Coal
  5. Lentis/Children,Video Games and Obesity
  6. Lentis/Content Moderation
  7. Lentis/Algorithmic Bias
  8. Lentis/Antipiracy
  9. Lentis/Net Neutrality
  10. Lentis

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