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Lentis/Health Concerns of Nanotechnology

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Introduction to NanotechnologyEdit

We need to make sure our page doesn't turn into this:
We need to find a way to approach the topic differently


[Be sure to talk about nanoparticles here]
Check this out:
Really helpful/interesting and if you watch it, you're 1/4 done with our sts hw for next week :)

[General introduction to nanotechnology as a field.]

Social PerspectivesEdit

Applications of NanoparticlesEdit


[Introduce nanomedicine, talk about drug delivery
"Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology." (wiki)
[What will happen if nanoparticles are left in our body? The fear is that beacuase they're so small, they will get in between cell walls and build up in areas where we don't want them.]

Personal Care ProductsEdit



Antimicrobial BandagesEdit

Food IndustryEdit