Applied Science AQA

Applied Science AQA Edit

This book supports the teaching of AQA's new "Applied General" qualification. Find the syllabus here.

Units 1 to 3 make up the "Level 3 Certificate in Applied Science" (equivalent in points to an AS Level).

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Unit 1 - Key Concepts in ScienceEdit

Area Topic Author Proofer
Biology Cell Structure
Transport Mechanisms
The Heart Connor
Homeostasis Caylun
Breathing and Cellular Respiration
Photosynthesis and Food Chain Productivity Dylan, Megan
Chemistry Atomic Structure
The Periodic Table Chloe
Amount of Substance
Bonding and Structure
Enthalpy Changes
Physics Energy and Efficiency Matt
Generation of Energy DBrown
Electric Circuits PremiumGrow
Resistors and Resistance
Newton's Laws and Momentum DBrown
Energy and Power

Unit 2 - Applied Experimental TechniquesEdit

This is a portfolio unit, with two experiments from each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Area Title Author Proofer
Biology Respiration
Chemistry Volumetric Analysis
Colourimetric Analysis
Physics Resistivity DjBrown
Specific Heat Capacity

Unit 3 - Science in the Modern WorldEdit

This unit is based around pre-release material and is assessed with a written examination.

The topic will be different each year, but will examine the topic in the context of these different areas of how science works:

Content Author Proofer
Topical Scientific Issues
Public Perception of Science
Society and Science
Scientific Careers and Organisations

The pre-release material is available each year from the 31st March for the Summer Exams (there will also be one on 1st November for January Exams).

AQA have also produced some exemplar resources here (link needed) and pages in this book could be written for further relevant examples.

Content Author Proofer
2017 - Diagnosing Heart Attacks
Example - Fracking

Unit 4 - The Healthy BodyEdit

This is an examination unit.

Title Author Proofer

Unit 5 - Investigating ScienceEdit

This is a portfolio unit - a long term study, carried out individually.

Title Author Proofer
Prepare for a Scientific Investigation
Carrying out the investigation and recording results
Analyse results, draw conclusions and evaluate the investigation
Present the findings of the investigation to a suitable audience
Ideas for Investigations DBrown

Unit 6 - Option TopicEdit

6a MicrobiologyEdit

This is a portfolio unit, with two research tasks and two practical tasks.

Title Author Proofer

6b Medical PhysicsEdit

This is a portfolio unit, with two research tasks and two practical tasks.

Title Author Proofer
Imaging Methods - Research DBrown
Radiotherapy and Radioactive Tracers - Research
Radioisotopes - Practical
Medical Uses of Fibre Optics and Lasers - Practical

6c Organic ChemistryEdit

This is a portfolio unit, with two research tasks and two practical tasks.

Title Author Proofer