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P02 Radiotherapy and Radioactive TracersEdit


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Performance outcomes Pass Merit Distinction
To achieve a pass the learner must evidence that they can: In addition to the pass criteria, to achieve a merit the learner must evidence that they can: In addition to fulfilling the pass and merit criteria, to achieve a distinction the learner must evidence that they can:
PO2 Understand radiotherapy techniques and the use of radioactive tracers P3 M3 D2
Make sure your two techniques are for therapy (treatment - NOT DIAGNOSIS.)

Link each technique clearly to an example of what it can be used to treat.

Use diagrams to support your explanations.

Explain why each type of therapy is administered as it is.

Describe and explain the effects that each method has on the condition being treated.

It can be useful to make a comparison here:

- how invasive is each technique?

- what side effects can be caused

and so consider the experience of a patient undergoing each treatment.

P4 M4 D3
Name and give the key quantities associated with the isotope.

Include the type of radiation emitted and the isotope's half-life.

Then link these properties to how the isotope is used.

P5 M5 D4
P6 M6


In general, point students towards the approach to take, as opposed to just giving them information.


Be very careful to consider whether a criterion asks you to write about therapy or diagnosis (e.g. tracers).

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