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The Bomb and its counterparts the Grenade and Balloon are relative to the weaponry of the same names, bomb, grenade, etc. Their trademark skill is a self-destruct attack that can potentially cause extraordinary damage. Since the 3D installments of the Final Fantasy series, the Bomb picked up a new habit of growing and becoming more powerful each time it is attacked until finally exploding.

Bomb (Final Fantasy XI - PC)
Bomb (Final Fantasy XI - PC)

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In Final Fantasy IV, Bomb was a secret summon for Rydia. There also exists a dummied sprite nicknamed K. Higuchi after one of the game's battle programmers, Katsuhisa Higuchi, identical in appearance to the regular Bomb seen in the hidden Developers Room as an Easter Egg. This enemy speaks to the party rather than attacking. In Final Fantasy IV, the Mom Bomb (in the English version) is a boss that consists of several bombs fused together; after the party deals enough damage, it explodes and unleashes three gray Bombs and three Bombs against the party.

In Final Fantasy V, Byurobolos is a Bomb-like enemy that appears as a boss. In this battle, the Byurobolos fully revive each other when defeated. In Final Fantasy X a special monster could be created called Bomb King through the Monster Arena. This variation of Bomb does grow every time hit like others of its kind, but his counterattacks also get stronger. When he gets the fourth strike, he does not explode, but continues to live and casts Ultima as a counterattack. In Final Fantasy XII, Bombs react to magic instead of physical attacks, the Bomb King also returns as a boss. A Bomb is also the icon used for the berserk status in Final Fantasy XII. The first time the origin of the Bomb is given is also in FFXII, where it is described as a creature created specifically to fight wizards (since it reacts to magic attacks).

In the fourth and twelfth installments, Bombs use an ability, "Chain-Reaction", where one Bomb can cause all nearby Bombs to self-destruct along with it. The "Tactics" series gave Bombs the ability to cause a status known as "Oil", Oil, which causes affected characters to take increased damage from fire based attacks and spells.

Bombs have appeared in all Final Fantasy installments except for the first one, as well as in Chocobo's Dungeon 2, Chocobo Land: A Game of Dice, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, and Itadaki Street Portable. It was also an obstacle in Mario Hoops 3-on-3, and was featured as a Gummi Ship model in Kingdom Hearts.

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