A-level Physics (Advancing Physics)

Welcome to the Wikibooks textbook on Physics, designed to contain everything you need to know for the OCR Physics B (Advancing Physics) specification [1]. All sorts of useful documents for this specification are available at http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as-a-level-gce-physics-b-advancing-physics-h159-h559/ .

All units are assumed to be SI units, unless stated otherwise. Diagrams can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Chapters are probably marked as 75% complete (75% developed) because they are complete, but may require some attention. Please look at these and check them!

Contents edit

AS notes edit

Physics in Action edit

Optics edit
Communication edit
Electricity edit
Material Structure edit

Understanding Processes edit

Waves edit
Quantum Physics edit
Mechanics edit

Physics in Practice edit

Quality of Measurement edit
Physics in Use (presentation) edit

A2 Exams edit

Rise and Fall of the Clockwork Universe edit

Decay edit
Gravity edit
Mechanics edit
Astrophysics edit
Temperature edit

Field and Particle Physics edit

Magnetic Fields edit
Electric Fields edit
Particle Physics edit
Nuclear Physics edit