What writing system(s) does this language use?Edit

Ukrainian is written in a version of Cyrillic, consisting of 33 letters, representing 38 phonemes; an apostrophe is also used.

The Ukrainian alphabet
А а Б б В в Г г Ґ ґ Д д Е е Є є Ж ж З з И и
І і Ї ї Й й К к Л л М м Н н О о П п Р р С с
Т т У у Ф ф Х х Ц ц Ч ч Ш ш Щ щ Ь ь Ю ю Я я

How many people speak this language?Edit

37.5 million in Ukraine, and - from 41 million to 45 million in the world in general.

Where is this language spoken?Edit

In Ukraine and diaspora. Older generations in Poland, Belarus Russia, Kazahstan, Moldova, Romania, Canada, USA, Brasilia, Australia, Slovensko may also speak some Ukrainian.

What is the history of this language?Edit

Who are some famous authors or poets in this language?Edit

Taras Shevchenko is the most famous poet in Ukraine.


What are some basic words in this language that I can learn?Edit

  • Привіт! - Hello!
  • Дякую - Thank you.
  • Мене звуть * - My name is *
  • Так - Yes
  • Ні - No
  • Я люблю тебе - I love you
  • До побачення! - Good bye!

What is a simple song/poem/story that I can learn in this language?Edit