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Our WikiProject uses the following structure and hierarchy of modules within the Bartending Wikibook. It is our intention to keep the book wide, rather than deep. In other words, pages should rarely be more than three levels away from the root of the book (Bartending/), and should never be deeper than five levels (Bartending/2/3/4/5). Module and page names should be as short as possible while still clearly communicating the topic. In many cases, the full name of the topic can be deduced easily from the full name ("Bartending/Drinkware/Beer" is preferred to "Bartending/Drinkware/Beer glasses, mugs, and steins"). The shorter names help both when typing names manually, and when locating articles from within categories.

Hierarchy of Bartending modules edit

Redirecting to a different page edit

At present, we have many more links than we have articles. There are links within the book for nearly every type of alcohol, garnish, or mixer on the market, yet we do not have articles for each of them. In many cases, there is a single page that discusses many different related topics.

We would like to eventually have enough information added to the book so that each page can stand on its own. Until then, we need to redirect the specific topic's page to the section within the larger page where the desired information is.

For example, Bartending/Alcohol/Grand Marnier redirects to the "Grand Marnier" section of the Bartending/Alcohol/Orange liqueur article (the full link is Bartending/Alcohol/Orange liqueur#Grand Marnier).

Here is how to do that:

1. Follow the red link (if there is one) to the page that needs a redirect or else type the full page name in the Search box, select "Go", and then select the link to edit a new article.
2. Add one of the following lines of text into the new page. Be sure to insert the correct article name where "ARTICLE" appears below, and the heading name where "HEADING" appears. Include all punctuation included in both the article name and heading, or else the redirect will not work.
When linking to a specific section within a larger article use:
When linking to a specific entry within a list of related information use:
When linking to a general topic that is not as specific as the given topic and that does not contain a specific section abut the topic use:
3. Test the redirect to make sure that you end up where you wanted the reader to be redirected.
4. Select the link at the top of the page that says "Redirected from ARTICLE" to return to the actual redirect page.
5. Select the "What links here" link in the Toolbox for the page (if you are using the default Monobook skin, it appears just below the Search box on the left of the page).
6. Check for any double redirects. These sometimes happen when an article was moved or renamed, and there was already a page pointing to the old name, and then when you add the new redirect, it becomes a double redirect. Readers are stopped after the first redirect and must manually click-through to the final page, which interferes with the reader's use of the book.
7. If double redirects were found, go to the original article and update the original link to point to the new redirect you created instead of the older redirect causing the double redirect.
Example: If Bartending/Cocktail/Boilermaker has an old link to Bartending/Ingredients/Fermented beverages/Beer, and that old link redirects to Bartending/Alcohol/Beer (the first redirect), and the Beer article had not been split out of Bartending/Alcohol/Fermented beverage yet, then Bartending/Alcohol/Beer might redirect to Bartending/Alcohol/Fermented beverage#Beer (the second redirect). In this case, we would want to edit the Bartending/Cocktail/Boilermaker article and update it to link directly to Bartending/Alcohol/Beer. Why not to Bartending/Alcohol/Fermented beverage#Beer? Because we eventually want to have a separate Beer page, so it is best to point directly to the desired page instead of section of a page. This also makes it easier to update links in the future if an article is moved, split, or merged.

If all of that sounds too complicated, please do as much as you feel comfortable doing, and then add a request to the to-do list, and someone else will finish making the changes for you. Be sure to tell exactly what the next step is that needs to be done, and what pages are involved. Thanks!