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WikiProject Bartending oversees the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the Wikibooks Bartending Guide. Anyone interested in the topic is encouraged to join the WikiProject. You don't have to join to edit the Guide, but we find it helpful to work together to accomplish more and avoid wasting efforts.

On April 12, 2006, some Wikipedians formed a project currently known as the WikiProject Mixed Drinks. The goal of the Project is to better organize information in articles related to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks and the drinkware associated with such beverages. On January 25, 2007, the WikiProject was expanded to WikiBooks as the Bartending WikiProject. The goal is much the same as on Wikipedia, but focusing on continued development and enhancement of the Wikibooks Bartending Guide and transwiki coordination between the two peer WikiProjects.

This page and its various sub-pages contain many goals, guidelines, suggestions, and observations made by Project Participants and others interested in bartending. You do not have to be a professional bartender or a skilled mixologist to participate or edit the Bartending Guide. It is hoped that this Project will help to focus the efforts of other editors as we all work to improve and expand the Wikibooks and its sister projects. For more information on WikiProjects in general, please refer to Wikibooks:WikiProject, Wikipedia:WikiProject, and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.

If this topic interests you, we would love your help. Add your name to the list of participants, and introduce yourself on the talk page.

To help, whether you become a Participant or not, please see our To-Do List for the list of things that Project Participants have identified as needing to be done. Thank you in advance for any assistance you provide in helping make Wikibooks a better place for everyone.

Wikibooks Bartending WikiProject


Reorganizing the Cocktails Glossary into linked subpages with headers for easier interwiki linking and maintenance. Willscrlt (Talk) 18:56, 6 September 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Notice board


New WikiProject

Posted by Willscrlt 14:24, 25 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]

In an effort to help improve communications between the English Wikipedia and the English WikiBooks on the related topics of mixed drinks and bartending, I have, in a manner of speaking, transwikied this WikiProject over from Wikipedia to here. It is not meant to replace or interfere with the fine work already in created by editors here, but to serve as a common place to plan, communicate, and share information back and forth. If you edit the Bartending Guide, please become a Project Participant.



This WikiProject strives to develop a comprehensive Bartending Guide, covering both the basics and the finer points of the bartending industry, including mixology. It is concerned with the occupational and practical applications of information, more than the collection of encyclopedic information found at Wikipedia.

On-topic information

  • Topics related to the bartending profession that answer the basic "Who?", "What?", "Where?", "When?", "How?", and "How much?" questions people interested in becoming bartenders are likely to ask.
  • Job and customer service skills bartenders should know.
  • Things related to mixed drinks (cocktails, liquors, beers, wines, non-alcoholic bar beverages, mixers, bar tools, drinkware, garnishes, supplies, etc.)
  • Recipes for making all the standard mixed drinks patrons are likely to request (see the list of International Bartender Association Official Cocktails for a minimum starting point).
  • "Tips from the trenches" that experienced bartenders feel are important, but not always obvious, for novice and hobbiest bartenders to understand.
  • Drinking culture and responsibilities of which bartenders should be aware.

Off-target information

  • In-depth, encyclopedic information about specific topics (drinks, tools, drinkware, etc.), especially that focusing on the history of the drink; its significance and notability. A one to two paragraph synopsis of the background of the topic is generally adequate, and the Wikipedia article can be listed as an additional source of information.
  • Biographies of bartenders and drinkers in general, unless they are short and illustrative or uniquely important to the history of bartending or a related topic. A table of prominent people could be added at the end of the article linking to Wikipedia biographies.
  • Places, including specific bars, unless they are short and illustrative or uniquely important to the history of bartending or a related topic. A table of prominent places could be added at the end of the article linking to Wikipedia articles.
  • Drinking games, which are well-covered on Wikipedia.
  • Fictional beverages of any type, except to possibly alert bartenders that such drinks do not really exist.

Hierarchy of projects


Wikipedia WikiProject Culture

→ Wikipedia WikiProject Food and Drink
→ Wikipedia Bartending task force
WikiBooks Bartending WikiProject
→ Wikimedia Commons WikiProject Food and Beverage

None known at this time.

  • The Wikipedia Bartending task force is the primary point of trans-Wiki interaction between this WikiProject and Wikipedia.
Other closely related projects

WikiBooks Bartending WikiProject Participants

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The highest priority is given to general informational articles on the topics of mixed drinks and the various lists of mixed drinks the Project maintains. Secondary priority is given to highly notable drinks, such as the IBA Official Cocktails, which are popular worldwide, along with the drinkware used with such drinks. Also at that priority are articles that do not focus on drinks directly, but expand into people and places notable for their contributions to or connections with mixed drinks. Third priority is given to less notable drinks, drinkware, people, and places. While at a relatively lower priority, the workload is high, because these articles usually require additional investigation to determine if there is enough information to justify an entire article, or if the article should be combined with another topic, only listed in passing on one of the mixed drink lists, or omitted entirely.



We use the following structure and hierarchy of pages within the Bartending book. It is our intention to keep the book wide, rather than deep. In other words, pages should rarely be more than three levels away from the root of the book (Bartending/), and should never be deeper than five levels (Bartending/2/3/4/5). Module and page names should be as short as possible while still clearly communicating the topic. In many cases, the full name of the topic can be deduced easily from the full name ("Bartending/Drinkware/Beer" is preferred to "Bartending/Drinkware/Beer glasses, mugs, and steins"). The shorter names help both when typing names manually, and when locating articles from within categories.

Commonly used modules include Bartending/Alcohol (types of alcohol, not specific drinks), Bartending/Cocktails (alcoholic beverages), Bartending/Beverages (non-alcoholic beverages), Bartending/Drinkware, Bartending/Equipment, Bartending/Garnishes, Bartending/Intro, Bartending/Mixers, Bartending/Reference, and Bartending/Work.

Please view the complete hierarchy of modules for suggestions on where to properly place various article topics within the hierarchy.



Ideally, each Project-related article should include much or all of the following information: one or more photographs representative of the drink; suggestions for when and how the drink is commonly enjoyed (e.g., special occasions, after work, at sporting events, etc.); popularity and distribution of the drink worldwide; interesting (sourced) bits of trivia related to the drink; a list of ingredients and briefly the methods used to properly prepare, mix, and serve the drinks; the origin and history of each drink, including the (sourced) creator and date of creation; the mixed drink supplies (including drinkware) used to prepare the drinks; and anything else (sourced) that enhances the reader's understanding of the drink.

New pages


Please feel free to list your new mixed drink or drinkware related pages here (newer articles at the top, please).

  • None listed at this time. Why not add one?



Some Project Participants may enjoy working on special projects. One such special project is taking good-quality photographs (original works that are freely licensed) of the various drinks listed. Another special project is temporarily adopting one stub and becoming a super sleuth, tracking down as much information as possible about a drink, writing a good article, and documenting all sources used within the article. See Special Projects below for more information.

Ongoing Projects

  • Fill-in all sections of the Bartending Guide
  • Cross-referencing cocktails, beer cocktails, and wine cocktails by liquor used as well as alphabetical by drink.
Alphabetical lists are better handled by creating a category and tagging all related articles with the category tag. Manual lists have to be constantly maintained or the list becomes quickly outdated. Categories are self-generating. I see the same is already being done with some of the liquors. --Willscrlt 04:05, 6 December 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  • Creating a useful list of reference guides.

Special Projects


The following names are informal, but designed to be fun. You can participate in any or all of the projects. If you like, you can add the special project designation after your name in the Participants list above.

  • BUILDER: Construct a usable Infobox template, other templates, userboxes, etc. for use by the Project and its Participants.
  • CATEGORIZER: Tag all Project articles with appropriate tags so the articles are listed in the appropriate categories.
  • DETECTIVE: Temporarily adopting one stub or creating a new article and becoming a super sleuth, tracking down as much information as possible about a drink, writing a good article, and documenting all sources used within the article. Of course, everyone else can still edit an adopted article, and you can work on other things too, but the idea is to find a focus for a while, to try and build up the number of quality articles the Project has produced.
  • IDENTIFIER: Tag all Project articles' talk pages with the Project banner. Tag articles that do not meet the Project's standards for length and quality as stubs. Tag unreferenced statements for follow-up by Project Detectives.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Take good-quality photographs (original works that are GFDL licensed) of the various drinks listed.
  • RENAMER: Rename all project articles to match the type of mixed drink: Name (cocktail) (which includes cocktail shooters; must be made primarily with distilled alcohols), Name (mixed drink) (which includes cocktail-like drinks that are not made primarily with distilled alcohols), and Name (beverage) (for non-alcoholic drinks and soft drink mixers).





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Special templates will soon be created for use by Project Participants and other Wikipedians.