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Thank You! edit

Thank you for adding your name to the list of people helping to improve the WikiBooks Bartending Guide. No matter how little or much you help, every edit that improves WikiBooks is appreciated and helps lighten the workload of the other editors. More importantly, it improves the quality and breadth of the English WikiBooks and its sister projects.

There are no special rules, regulations, or commitments required to join this WikiProject as a Participant, other than the policies and guidelines that apply to all editors. This is because a WikiProject is not a club or membership organization. It is a group of people interested in a particular topic that agree to work together within the WikiBooks framework to improve modules. The WikiProject helps to focus the activities of the group to improve efficiency. You are not required to work a certain amount of time, but obviously the more time you can offer, the faster the Project will meet its goals.

Feel free to add any special project designations and special interests after your name. If you are involved with mixed drinks professionally (bartender, bar owner, food and beverage manager, etc.), please indicate that, too.

After adding your name, please introduce yourself on the Participants talk page.

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