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Using Your Dealer Management System/Automatic Data Processing/WS1000

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Main screen (slight variations might occur) of ADP Web Suite 1000 (off-site) aka Web 1000

The w.e.b.Suite 1000 (herein WS1000) is handled internally by the Alliance Group at ADP HQ. WS1000 is not a true web (HTTP) application, though it can be accessed anywhere on the web. Technically it is a simple Microsoft Windows program running on an ADP-hosted Windows 2000 thin client server (à la Citrix or Windows Terminal Services). It is predominately marketed to small dealerships. You can access a WS1000 server by using the ADP Alliance website. You will have to log in, and then launch the application which establishes a connection using a signed Microsoft ActiveX Terminal Services applet.

ADP's official sales page for the w.e.b.Suite 1000 system.

Quick tipsEdit

To pull an inventory report: Vehicle Inventory Plus → All Iventory List - Mgr Long → OK → Print

Printer SupportEdit

For the w.e.b. Suite 1000 ADP is known to support only a subset of all printers, namely:

  • Fujitsu DL 3600
  • ADP 3410
  • ADP 80LQ
  • ADP 6350
  • HP Laserjet 4 plus