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I haven't made- and will probably not make any major contributions. I will be putting some javascript versions of most sorting algorithms in the wikibook "Algorithm implementation", wich is mostly because I need to know some more about sorting algorithms for a school-project in javascript I'm working on. It has come to my attention that no one's been adding additional implementations, so if I'm not supposed add implementations, tell me; I'll stop adding.

About meEdit

I'm a 15 year old guy, and I live in the Netherlands. My interests are programming and playing guitar, and those are main things I do in real live. I'm not planning to make any major contributions to wikibooks and wikipedia, but if someone asks me for a project, I'll be willing to contribute. My username is Wesselbindt, but when you adress me Wessel will do. As you might have noticed, my wikibooks userpage is exactly the same as my wikipedia one, except for the sentence that says it is. It seems I can't have the "beginning c programmer" and "JavaScript programmer" userboxes on wikibooks, so I'll just mention I can program in JavaScript and a little in C here.