The middle-third Cantor Set
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I'm a researcher in abstract algebra, in particular group theory at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. I'm also interested in mathematical analysis - in particular questions in real analysis and geometric measure theory.

Current work


My research focuses in computational problems in geometric group theory and generalisations to semigroups and monoids; I also have a long-standing research interest in combinatorial group and semigroup theory.

I also have an interest in formal systems, and in particular the interplay between computational and dynamical properties of such systems. This particular aspect of systems theory applies well to both abstract dynamical systems, as well as having a role to play in developing a theoretical framework to model evolutionary behavior in biology.

I founded the fractal geometry book in wikibooks, and have contributed to work in abstract algebra, analysis and geometry while I was an undergraduate student.

Other Interests


I feel that it's important to maintain interests outside of mathematics; I am and have been an active musician for over half a decade. My main instruments are bass guitar and guitar, but I've been experimenting with synthesiser performance and sound design recently. My main styles of music are Scottish Folk music, blues, jazz, electro and drum and bass.