I am not an active user anymore. Feel free to change any articles that I have created or edited significantly. I'm currently (as of February 2007) a junior at Poudre High School and so over my head with many other activities that I no longer have the time that I had back in 8th grade to create and maintain books on this site. Maybe that will change some day. But for now, I will not be able to spend time working on this site.

When I was active, back in 2004-2005, I was most noted for my work on the German Wikibook. I proposed and created the first few lessons for German: Level I, but that was it. Coming back three years later, I find that there still isn't much more than what I put into it, so it would be great if someone could devote a little more than just administrative effort to the book.

I also did create a couple video game guides due to my interests at the time. However, those "books" became little more than introductions, and I have moved on from many of those games anyway. Again, feel free to edit or delete anything I have written on those pages.

Below is a copy of what information I had on my user page when I was active on this site.

Farewell, enjoy what I created, and improve on it. After all, that's what Wikibooks is all about.

What my user page looked like back in 2004-2005


I joined Wikibooks (after Wikipedia) on February 5th, 2004. If you want to send me a message see my Talk page.

I'm also SamE at Wikipedia and Meta, but I'm one of the few who spend more time here at Wikibooks than at either of those.

I'm also User: if I'm not logged on.

Wikibooks I'm Editing


I am currently working on the German book, specifically German: Level I. I have done most of the editing there; see the history for German:Beginner Lesson 2 for example.

I've worked on the Chip's Challenge game walkthrough, but my computer crashed and I lost the game.

I am also helping write the Civilization walkthrough, as I play Civilization III.

I'm working on the Super Mario World and Phoenix game guides, but they are currently very bad.

Towards the end of 2004, I did a lot to improve the Main Page in various ways. I've also written Help:How to start a book, which newbies seem to be using (they're following the directions in the order they are on the page).

I like to look into a book (US History for example) and start reading it, and of course, there are errors. Most of the time I will correct those errors.

Over the summer I hope to be editing more and more often.

Wikibooks and Parts I've Created




I created German: Level I on March 6th, and Game Guides and Strategy on March 27th.

I created Super Mario World on April 11th, and Phoenix on May 12th.





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