I really, really enjoy music, partying, movies, knowledge, and partying... Definitely partying, and reading. I like to think I'm modest, but I have a strange theory I am subconsciously constantly fishing for compliments, like, say, being modest! It's a confusing world, and I'm still trying to figure out what I consider the point of living and thinking is. Why are we here? Why do I think? Why should I think about why I think? Why is it wrong to be conditioned, like in Brave New World; I'm still just as happy, just from different things? Is there really human nature? I usually just decide yes, because we evolved to this, but this is disgusting. Look around you.

My biggest question to religious people (PS I love reading the Bible): how can you wake up in your bed, surrounded by your material goods, in a world completely created by somebody else, some worker, some business, some machine, and believe in God? Believe in a collection of stories by nomads in the middle east in 5000 BC? Please, inform me.

I realllllly want to read Neitzche, Mostly Harmless, Silmarillion (I love the Encyclopedias of Middle Earth), etc. Recommend me some books!

My favorite novels, plays, short stories, epics - I'm sure I forgot some?

The Epic of Gilgamesh The Odyssey by Homer Book of Job Genesis <333 Dante's Inferno Ptolemy The Republic Evolution of Discovery Communist Manifesto Federalist Papers The Complete, Annotated Bible from NVW (amazing!) Anything by Virginia Woolf The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Minister's Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Poe To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee Walden by Henry David Thoreau The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman (screw that Christian series hehe) Encyclopedia of Middle Earth Survivor & Choke by Chuck Palahniuk Anything by Harry Turtledove Anything by Clive Cussler All by Jane Auel Any Xanth novel by Piers Anthony The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

So many more that I wont remember; recommend me some

- I reallllly love ancient languages, maps, and stories, so of course I love the Norton Anthology of World Literature and I ADORE American history, studies, literature, EVERYthing so I naturally love Norton Anthology of American Literature, also.

I love writing and learning, but I love music more. Some of my favorite bands (RECOMMEND ME SOME BANDS, NOWOWOWOWOWOWOW, I LOVE THEM ALL):

dredg, Explosions in the Sky, Circa Survive, King Crimson, Thursday, Mew, M83, Modest Mouse, Blind the Fold, Tom Waits, Saxon Shore, The Decemberists, The Appleseed Cast, Liars, Merzbow, Deerhoof, Cecil Taylor, Ludwig Van Beethoven (only for 4, 7 and 9), Textbook Traitors, From Monument To Masses, Mihai Edrisch, Coheed and Cambria, Iron and Wine, The Receiving End of Sirens, Johnny Cash, Envy, Et Tu Brute, Moby, Agalloch, I Would Set Myself On Fire For You, Saves the Day, Boris, Between the Buried and Me, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, At the Drive-In, The Beatles, CAKE, Clint Mansell, cowboys became folk heroes, !!!, Darkest Hour, Indian Summer, Slint, Shellac, Big Black, The Jesus Lizard, Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails, Can, Taking Back Sunday, Faced Moment, pg. 99, Dripping, Gorguts, Islands, Mineral, Brand New, The Mars Volta, Orchid, Death Cab For Cutie, Buried Inside, Circle Takes the Square, Guster, Chiodos, Sunn O)))

My books:

Intermediate Algebra

My Planned Books:

American Studies

My Reads:

Trigonometry Calculus French Latin Quenya (I love language)