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Hello All,

This is my first go at this... and I was compelled to become invovled after completing the last book in the Harry Potter series, where I would like to contribute more to the analyses and understanding of the big picture of series. This is due in part to my periodic obsession with the books (coinciding with their release dates, hmmm?), but most recently to the fantastic finale' of the series. No spoiling here... just profound admiration for an author that managed to take all of the themes and significant details of all of the books and weave such a beautiful tapestry.

On a more personal note, as a Christian, I also find the series fascinating... but not from the traditional critical and dismissive view. Rather, I recognize motifs that are opportunities to begin discussion of these beliefs in conjunction with the HP series. While obviously opposed to occult practices in real life, I liken Rowlings works to the famed Inklings that included J.R.R.Tolkein and C.S. Lewis, each of whom dealt with Christian themes in their works.

I acknowledge that it was probably not Rowling's direct attempt to write a series with any particular religion in view (No! Not even Wicca!). Still, I commend the author for recognizing that our core beleifs and outward behavior are significant in defining ourselves, and matter to others and the world around us.

Viewpoints aside... I am a both a High School Engineering & Science Instructor (Teacher sounds so banal) and a Graduate student at Michigan Technological University in the M.S. Applied Science Ed. program. My current subjects taught are Physics & Engineering.

So one might wonder where reading/writing comes in? The answer is a seed planted in my own education. In 12th grade, I had an Advanced Placement English Instructor who also taught at our local university. She ignited my love of reading and writing. Thus,as an Undergrad at Eastern Mich. Univ., I naturally incorporated an English Language & Literature minor with my science major, rather than the traditional math.

I've never had the opportunity to teach English since there is a shortage of teachers in my major areas. So, I must satisfy my enjoyment and desires for reading/writing as a hobby, which I am able to do via postings, discussion, and the occassional correction of information (this usually limited to commenting or changing pages that include "bad science"), which is to say writings that perpetuate myths, misunderstandings, or misinformation about science/engineering content.

While writing this, it just occured to me that it might also be fun to analyze the Science of Harry Potter. Perhaps in Mythbusters fashion... the floo network & port key travel... Busted? Confirmed? or Plausible?

Send comments or questions to or on my user page -lmskiver alk 06:08, 4 August 2007 (UTC)

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