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Polish is my native language. I was born 12.07.1975. I have MA with computer science and I have LIC with psyhics My main hobbies: Science fiction, physics and computer science. I'm technical advisory engineer and I working in Włocławek. I live in Włocławek Poland, and I'm from to Poland. Before I lived in Włocławek, I lived in Bydgoszcz. I'm come from Poland.

My adventures with computer science


My adventure with computer science is since 1994, when I was 1st year student computer science in Toruń. Computer science I finished study in 1999, when I writting MA on topic "Windows 98", where I wrote about Win 98 tools. But IMO I'm better in Win XP than Win 98:P. Beetween 1995 - 1997 I worked as shop assistant. Next my job was job in Lexmark division between 1997-1997, when I finishing computer science. Later between 1999-2001 I worked in firm, which wrote programs. In 2001 april this firm bancruted. My next work where I worked between 2001-2003 was..teacher of computer science. In 2004 to became counsel to optics. 18.12.2004 I to became an expert in firm, where I've been working. Between days 18.12.2004 - 16.08.2005 I was an expert and consuel to Pascal. Next to I to became 01.09.2005 a member watchdog and I was secy of watchdog first to 01.03.2005, later to 23.04.2005 when I piece to disqualification from office, but officjal I'm not member watchdog since 1st May 2005. Since 19.05.2005 to 04.02.2007 I was chief of programist-rad. Since 10th February I work as technical advisory engineer. What I would to do in my work? In my work I do as programmer C++, Pascal etc. And testing operating systems, behavior operating systems in alien milieu e.g behavior Win 98 in NT sistems. Next to in my work I do testing new technologies etc.

About me


My hobbies are: computer science (I've finished MA study and I've written MA about Win 98), science-fictions films, physics (I've finished LIC study with physics and I wrote LIC about optics etc.) and fantasies. In computer science my the biggest interest are operating systems, my favourite operating system is w:Microsoft Windows XP Professional, which I use as my operating system. In computer science I never like network..I do not why.. And in industry we usually saids: To next run computer! (polish oryginal: Do ponownego uruchomienia kompa).

(english translation by Kuminal)