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Joined 18 May 2007

I'm Karen Fasimpaur.

I work in the field of educational technology, working with schools to use mobile technology to improve learning. I have also worked in textbook publishing and software development and have taught school.

I have been looking for a creative (non-work related) project and have also been thinking about contributing more free open content to the world. Now seems like a good time.

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Some links:

Kids Open Dictionary

My Open Ed blog

My work-related blog

Wikinomics (a great book)

My sandbox

8/4/08 - The video remix of Wikibooks Animal Alphabet book now has over 10,000 views on TeacherTube!

8/3/08 - We have launched the first Kids Open Dictionary. It is licensed as a public domain resource, and we see it as fundamental building block for many OER projects and hope that it will be used by teachers, students, publishers, hardware manufacturers, VARs, and others.

We just added support for MediaWiki wikitext, and I am eager to create glossaries for a few Wikibooks to see how it works. Stay tuned!

10/20/07 - I love Wikijunior and am constantly amazed by how few people in the educational community know about. I am being bold by taking on some advocacy for this project. To do this, I am sharing information about Wikijunior and Wikibooks as a part of presentations I am making at educational conferences about Open Ed. I would appreciate anyone's feedback on this.

I am also working on creating metadata on some of Wikibooks more mature books for OER Commons. This will then also feed into ccLearn and other repositories. I am hoping that this will help bring more people to Wikijunior to use the resources here and to contribute.

10/19/07 - I'm working on a prototype for a Simple kids dictionary. I'm having a lot of ambivalence about whether to try to put it in Wikijunior or just host it myself. Stay tuned for more on this.

7/6/07 - I've also made some other formats of the Animal Alphabet book (various formats of video and an ebook).

7/12/07 - The following photos are in Wikimedia Commons for possible use in the World of Work book: Nature guide for bird walks
Fruit seller
Archaeological guide
Shopkeeper selling spices
Vegetable seller
Fruit seller

6/11/07 - I made this video version of the Wikijunior Alphabet book - Download - Info

6/10/07 - Recently, I'm doing some work on the Wikijunior Human Body book. I'd like to start a Wikijunior book on Africa at some point.