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Example of glossary linkEdit

Espohagus - a tube made of muscle that goes from the mouth to the stomach; food that is swallowed goes down this tube

drone (noun) – a continuous low-pitched humming sound

grimace (verb) – to make a face in pain

What are the parts of the stomach?Edit

At the top of the stomach is a tube where food comes in from the esophagus. When you swallow, this tube opens so food can go in the stomach.

The stomach is made of muscle. These muscles help to break down food by mashing it into smaller pieces. The muscles also make waves pushing the food further down the digestive track. This is called peristalsis and happens from the esophagus all the way to the large intestine.

The stomach is lined with glands. These special cells make a liquid that is released into the stomach. This liquid is called gastric juice. The gastric juice has acid in it and helps break down or digest food.

The bottom part of the stomach is called the pyloric area. At the bottom of the stomach is another opening. This leads to the small intestine.