My name is James Booker (hence the username, eh?). I live in a town called Heanor in the county of Derbyshire, England. Derbyshire is one of many counties in the mid-regions of England known as the Midlands.


I joined Wikibooks on the 1st September 2004, and Wikipedia a few weeks before that. I instantly fell in love with the Wikipedia ethic, but found that anything I could contribute to the Wikipedia seemed to already have been done, and so I started looking at the sister projects, where I discovered Wikibooks and the Wikiversity! Since then I only really use Wikipedia as content-reference for Wikibooks.


My interests are computer programming in PHP, C++, Delphi and a multitude of other languages. I enjoy playing my PS2 and GameCube (I'm an obsessive of the Final Fantasy series, and intend on setting up the complete guidebook here to the entire series) and spending as much time as possible with my fiancé, Rebecca.

My aims in being here are to help expand the Wikibooks project to the point that complete authoratitive texts can be enjoyed by students from all over the world.

My BookshelfEdit

Wikibooks/Schools I either read or contribute to.