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Good curriculum based on scientific evidence is hard to come by. Most schools don't use it. Instead they tend to do more of the same. That's like the old saying: if you take a gallon of shit and a teaspoon of wine everyone knows it's shit. But if you take a gallon of wine and a teaspoon of shit it's still shit. They still use the same old crappy curriculum and actually hope to get better testing results given more time and money. It's like saying "Why, if teaching this crappy curriculum 4 days a week isn't getting good results, maybe we should teach it 5 days a week!"

We also need a good free student skill assessment tool - especially for developmentally disabled:

This tools assists parents and educators in tracking skill levels in reading, math, science, language (broken down via Skinner's Verbal Behaviors).

While we're on it, some basic Information on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA):

Mike's starting point for topics:

  1. Discrete trial teaching, of repetition
  2. Modeling
  3. Narration
  4. Errorless teaching
  5. Hand-over-hand shaping, prompting and fading... to Mastery
  6. Teaching from simple to complex (incorporates cognitive aspects)
  7. Teaching to the interests (of feelings, of senses) of the child
  8. Turn-taking (of modelling, and social reward, to play)
  9. Visualization and emotional expression, to social interaction
  10. Fading primary reinforcement as the child masters and understands (Mastery.) what he/she has to do (Somewhat like #5.)

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Created: 2006 09 29 | Percent completed: [[Image:00%.png]]
== What is Free Direct Instruction Reading 1 (Free DIR 1) [[Image:25%.png]]==
Free DIR 1 is the teacher's guide for teaching reading at the first level.  This can be started anywhere between ages 3 and 6 depending on ability of learner.

Each section is numbered and can be taught in one day.  Each section also contains scripted instructions for the teacher.  Most sections contain workbook pages and stories.


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''[[Free Direct Instruction Science 1]]''
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[http://en.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=Template:Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1&action=edit Edit template]
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Curriculum_and_Training|Free Direct Instruction]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/1|1]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/2|2]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/3|3]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/4|4]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/5|5]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/6|6]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/7|7]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/8|8]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/9|9]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/10|10]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/11|11]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/12|12]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/13|13]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/14|14]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/15|15]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/16|16]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/17|17]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/18|18]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/19|19]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/20|20]] |
[[Free_Direct_Instruction_Science_1/21|21]] |

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