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Bienvenue - Willkommen - Bienvenidos - Dobrodošli - Welcome - Добро пожаловать - 歡迎I was hoping the clever use of engaging innovations would lure the best and the brightest from around the world to gather here at en.wikibooks and there would be an invigorating renaissance of creative individuals who would actually do all that work for me...and that maybe I could smoke a pipe surrounded by the Gertrude Steins and Ernest Hemingways of my generation, marvelling at how difficult it is to get an edit in without hitting an edit conflict.

Wikibook contributions Edit

*Fukushima Aftermath Edit

*Fukushima Aftermath: Diablo Nuclear Redux? Edit

* Fukushima Aftermath: Whither the Indian Point Nuke? Edit

*California Public Policy and Citizen Participation Edit

Still in conceptual/design phase Edit

*Compendium of Fiddle Styles Edit

*Ethnography of Fiddle Edit

Contemporary Fiddlers Edit

Bards Old Time Fiddle Tunebook Supplement Edit

Bards Irish Fiddle Tunebook Supplement Edit

Bards Bluegrass Fiddle Tunebook Supplement Edit

Bards Klezmer Fiddle Tunebook Supplement Edit

Wikipedia contributions Edit

Tools Edit

In support of California Politics and Citizen Participation at Wikiversity. Originating editor and writer Geof Bard, supporting content substantially the WIkipedia communit

Considering merge with Edit

The School to Prison Pipeline Edit

New Book on Vision and Meta-Analysis Edit

Green Visionaries and California's Brown Act: A Redbook for Blue State Citizen-Activists Edit

Merging Edit

Wikipaediae Edit

An irreverent review of the fantasies, follies and foibles of the new new media.

Backstage Projects: Support and Policymaking in Collaborative Cyberspace Edit

A look under the hood at the engine that makes collaborative media possible.

WMF userpages (primary):

Future plans Edit

Throw the Book at Them: Using the Brown Act to Promote Democracy in California Edit

Translating the Heart Sutra: Study Guide Edit

California's Housing Crisis: Public Policy and Activist Models Edit

User:Geofferybard/Cultures of Silence: A Collaborative Perspective Edit

From Paulo Friere's seminal contribution, a divergent set of views have emerged with respect to silence - is it a grim wet blanket foisted by guilt and shamers, or is it a sublime vehicle for negotiating the heights of mystic intuition and the rootedness of worldly wisdom?

A WWII-era recruiting poster for Merchant Marine sailors tries to inspire a sense of urgency: "Let's Finish the Job!"

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Userbox: California Edit

Fully documented templates: Template:Welcomeback/doc Edit

Others (needing documentation) Edit

Template:Awaiting import For pages that need content but for which the templator is not prepared to go so far as to put in a request for import. Needs documentation. Template:Welcomeback

Even Babe Ruth had Strikeouts: Rejected templates Edit

Template:Stub outline Rejected as redundant/redirected to Template:Stub. IMO it is aesthetically more pleasing to me to distinguish drafts from outlines. But I would concur that it is a level of redundancy which might warrant redirect to Template:Stub if the real issue is simply to avoid willy-nilly proliferation of templates. I suppose maybe someday this could be re-evaluated but for now simplicity seems to be the higher virtue.

Template:Stub draft See above discussion

Template:Possible high risk Redirected to Template:high risk. Intention was for use on new templates for which it was not clear whether or not they will actually become high use.

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Nuclear energy

Disaster planning

California law




Gameplan for Wikibooks Edit

Develope the major books as TOC+subschapter.

Develope the simpler topics as one page books with # anchors and links in a TOC.

Create guidleines, templates and gizmos to encourage collaborative contributions.

Other WMF (partial list) Edit

[2] Strategy]

[3] Wiktionary

[4] Wikiversity

[5] Beta

[6] Wikipedia

[7] Simple

Tools I recommend Edit

About Geof Bard Edit

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Userpages Edit

User:Geofferybard/Welcome Edit

For extensive welcoming tips for new users.

Shorter Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra Edit

User:Geofferybard/Prajnaparamita1 User:Geofferybard/Prajnaparamita2

Languages Edit

WORK (Afrikans)

You don't speak Cymraeg? Welsh (Cymraeg) is a Brythonic branch of Celtic spoken natively in the western part of Britain known as Wales, and in the Chubut Valley, a Welsh immigrant colony in the Patagonia region of Argentina. There are also some speakers of Welsh in England, the United States and Australia, and throughout the world. Welsh and English are the official languages in Wales.

¿No hablas Cymraeg? El galés (Cymraeg) es un idioma céltico hablado como lengua principal en el País de Gales, región occidental del Reino Unido, y además en Chubut, comunidad de la región de Patagonia en Argentina. Hay gente que habla galés en Inglaterra, en Estados Unidos, en Australia y en otros países del mundo también. Con el inglés, es uno de los dos idiomas oficiales de Gales.

Vous ne parlez pas Cymraeg? Le gallois (Cymraeg) est une langue celtique, parlée au Pays de Galles (Grande-Bretagne) et au val de Chubut en Patagonie, province de l'Argentine. Il y a des gallophones en Angleterre, aux États-Unis et en Australie ainsi qu'en d'autres pays du monde. Avec l'anglais, c'est une des deux langues officielles du Pays de Galles.

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