Bards Old Time Fiddle Tunebook Supplement

Even though this is an almost-complete book, we invite your participation in growing this book by adding more information about more fiddle tunes. Banjo players are of course also welcome, along with mandolin, double bass, guitar, washboard, bazouki and other instrumentalists! But a fiddle tune is still considered to be a fiddle tune no matter what instrument it is played on. We hope you enjoy reading about your favorite Old Time tunes and better yet, adding lore of your own!

Interesting facts and figures about your favorite tunes and the people who play them.

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  • You are invited to add tunes - WikiBooks is a collaborative open source project. This is a supplement to tunebooks which means it does not necessarily include lead sheets; it is to tell you about the history of the tunes. There is nothing to say that we can't add an appendix with the leads, or, for that matter, a How to Play section. WikiBooks are collaborative media and is always growing into new versions. Note: Sections with an asterisk (*) were written specifically for WikiBooks. Later versions of this book will include a bibliography giving full credit to various resources used in compiling this book, particularly the Digital Library of Appalachia, The Sessions, the Fiddlers Companion. Geof Bard wrote those two chapters and engineered the existing English Wipedia articles for the other chapters with generous assistance from WikiBooks administrators Adrignola and QuiteUnusual. Wikipedia editors provided important feedback, particularly JustPlainBill, who is an expert on fiddle and was right on the money whenever earlier drafts hit a sour note. Other important contributors to the original Wikipdedia articles are entitled to have their names credited as they may wish and this will be looked after, but if you contribute to this book you may also add an appropriate credit to this section at any time. Please ask for any help you may need and consult the BOTFT Manual of Style. You can also discuss the book online at Talk:Bards Old Time Fiddle Tunebook Supplement where there is a wish list of things to do to improve the WikiBook.
  • The iconic photograph of Fiddlin Bill Henseley was taken by Ben Shahn in 1937 and public domain, available through the United States Library of Congress.
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Free four hundred page downloadable songbook.