I am Mr TekaTeki

Currently busy in real life* (Not able to edit as frequently in the past) as well as in the Wikimedia Commons Pearson Project (Less involment except uploading some interesting AI art + photos taken during my travel)
Also, after going thru many Wikibooks, there are many projects that were done halfway thru, my mission is to finish what they started (if I can)

See criteria of merging using page views https://pageviews.toolforge.org/?project=en.wikibooks.org&platform=all-access&agent=user&redirects=0&range=latest-90&pages=

Project On-going :
(1) Cleanup Puzzles book
(2) Added contents in Technical Analysis
(3) Merging contents in Learn Electronics , Electronics Fundamentals, Power Electronics and Electronics Handbook into Practical Electronics as the latter is more developed . Each of the former three contents can be convert into individual chapter
(4) Adding contents to my personal catalogue of Malaysia stamps World Stamp Catalogue/Malaysia

Project Done:

(1) Complete Wikijunior:Transport Alphabet
(2) Complete the House Construction into smaller sections and remove the {{subpages}} status
(3) Added contents in Wikijunior :Asia

NOTE: Due to geopolitics conflicts , I wont add Israel, North Korea, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United Arab Emirates to prevent warring edits in future.

(4) Added own Wikijunior:Asia map (previous map is too crowded especially on Central Asia) , upgrade/revise from Qwerty number1 : User:Encik_Tekateki/Asia_Interactive_Maps_v1
(5) Added contents Wikijunior talk:How Things Are Made - Done for now