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About meEdit

I recently finished an undergraduate chemical engineering degree at the University of Connecticut. I am also very interested in molecular and cell biology. I currently do image analysis for a cosmetics company.

Besides editing wikibooks entries, I enjoy singing, playing the guitar, and listening to classic rock.

I'm a red sox fan (hopeful for this year!), root for the dolphins whenever they're on TV in Connecticut, and do not follow the NBA much.


In the past I made a pretty large number of contributions to the Matlab modules, they're in OK shape but I've reached my limit on how far I can take that with what I know (except maybe for some format improvements). I'll continue to watch it and see how it develops.

I've started a book on Stoichiometry (steady state energy and mass balances) for chemical engineers, since the chemical engineering bookshelf has nothing in it, and that's too bad. I've also done some work with User:Whiteknight on the Scientific Method book.


Trying to do these things later...

  1. Finish the stoichiometry book and copyedit to make sure everything is consistent (this will take a long time).
  2. Work on Scientific Method book.
  3. Eventually I'd like the category for books to be renamed to be empty. At least puzzles is finally done.

Links (for my reference)Edit

| MatlabNav template

Sandbox (I want to test something I'll put it here, anyone else is welcomed to put stuff in here too if they want!)

Introduction to Chemical Engineering Processes (ICEP also redirects here)


TeX help

/monobook.js (I have no idea what this is about but its pretty cool)

How to cite referencesEdit

In the text use <ref> and </ref> tags around what you want to appear somewhere below, which appears like this: [1]. Then add a <references/> tag to where you want the reference to go on the page:

  1. google rocks


Templates (not mine, but ones I use):









Commonly used math syntaxEdit

a\mbox{ space here} -->  

\dot= -->  

\rightarrow -->