I'm a 2nd year student at the University of Lincoln studying BSc (Hons) Games Computing.

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About me Edit

How I like the structure wikibooks Edit

  • Bullet points (when appropriate)
  • Indentation (when appropriate)
  • Not blabbing on and going straight to the point; this saves both the writer and the reader time.

Contributions Edit

Involvement: creator, currently main contributor.
Involvement: minor.

Other favoured books Edit

Favoured Windows Phone apps Edit

  • #1 Toolkit
    • Ruler, Compass, Protractor, Spirit level
    • Flash light, mirror, magnifier, all in one phone settings panel
    • Unit Converter, NFC writer
    • Noise meter, Recorder
    • Timer, Stopwatch, world clock, system info
Any one of these can be pinned to start.

  • Calculator²
    • Basic Calculator
    • Scientific calculator
    • Programmer calculator
    • Currency converter
    • Unit converter

  • Graph Touch
    • Useful graph plotter
    • Plots graph, derivative and integral
    • has modulo(%), unusual
    • Maximum and minimum points automatically located.
    • Omnidirectional pitch to stretch in certain axes.

Very good sources of learning Edit

Entertainment learning:

Actual(need a better word) learning:

References Edit