Ukrainian Dancing

Ukrainian dance is an art form practiced and performed both in Ukraine and throughout the Ukrainian diaspora. In spite of its widespread popularity, there are few English-language resources available to guide dancers and assist instructors. The few that do exist, while good, lack photographs of dance steps being performed and other features that would help explain how a step is to be performed. Added to this, English-speaking Ukrainian dancers lack a common dance vocabulary. A single step may be referred to by more than one Ukrainian term (with various anglicized spellings), and by various English-language names.

The aim of this book is to provide a resource for Ukrainian dancers and instructors. It will complement and expand on the work of other authors by including both textual descriptions of steps and photographs illustrating how a step should be performed.

Descriptions of dance steps will use the following template: Template:Steps.

Table of Contents

  1. About Ukrainian Dancing
  2. Central Ukraine (Also called Poltava region or Kozak)
  3. Hutzulshchyna
  4. Bukovyna
  5. Zakarpattia (Also called Transcarpathia)
  6. Volyn
  7. Polissia
  8. Lemkivshchyna
  9. Podillia
  10. Boikivshchyna
  11. Age Appropriate Steps
Other Resources