The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Items

Selectable items edit

Item Location Effect
sword1 Wooden Sword Ch.0 (Arrival): from Impa Attack: 2
box1 L-1 Ring Box Ch.0 (Arrival): from Vasu the Jeweler Holds 1 ring
File:Zelda Oracles Shovel.png Shovel Ch.0 (Arrival): inside the Black Tower (Past) Allows you to dig and remove earth and sand
seed1 Seed Satchel Ch.1 (Yoll Graveyard): Maku Tree, after returning from the past Carries seeds
seed3 Ember Seeds Ch.1 (Yoll Graveyard): Mystical Tree near Lynna Village/City Can burn signs and bushes and light torches
File:Zelda Oracles Power Bracelet.png Power Bracelet Ch.1 (Yoll Graveyard): Spirit's Grave Can pick up a rock, sign, bush, and vase when equipped
harp1 Harp of Ages Ch.2 (Western Woods): Nayru's House Play tunes to warp time
harp2 Tune of Echoes Ch.2 (Western Woods): Nayru's House Give vitality to a dormant Time Portal
shield1 Wooden Shield Ch.2 (Western Woods): Buy from a Deku Scrub (10 Rupees) Regular shield, takes damage
seed4 Mystery Seeds Ch.2 (Western Woods): Mystical Tree in Labrynna Can get hints from the blue owl, random effect when shot
File:Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bombs Ch.2 (Western Woods): Ambi's Palace Break cracked walls and blocks or attack enemies
File:Zelda Oracles Rocs Feather.png Roc's Feather Ch.2 (Western Woods): Wing Dungeon Can jump one space
seed2 Seed Shooter Ch.3 (Crescent Island): Moonlit Grotto Can shoot seeds in eight directions
seed5 Scent Seeds Ch.3 (Crescent Island): Plant the Scent Seedling on Crescent Island Can attract certain monsters to the scent
seed1 Seed Satchel upgrade Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Talk to Tingle again Carries 50 seeds per type
seed6 Gale Seeds Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Mystical Tree in Labrynna Warp the player to a mystical tree, blow away an enemy when shot
harp3 Tune of Currents Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Tokkey in the lake of Talus Peaks Warp from the Past to the Present
flute1 Strange Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): either from Moosh, or in Lynna City shop, or in Lynna Village shooting gallery
flute2 Moosh's Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): from Moosh Moosh comes when the flute is played
flute3 Dimitri's Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): from Dimitri Dimitri comes when the flute is played
flute4 Ricky's Flute Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): from Ricky Ricky comes when the flute is played
File:Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bombs upgrade Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Throw a bomb where a sign says not to. Carry 30 bombs instead of 10.
hook1 Switch Hook Ch.4 (Nuun Highlands): Skull Dungeon Switches the location of the player and the target
box2 L-2 Ring Box Ch.5 ( ): Hidden shop in Lynna City Holds 3 rings
sword2 Noble Sword Ch.5 ( ): Trading items quest Attack: 3
seed7 Pegasus Seeds Ch.5 ( ): Mystical Tree in Labrynna Can run faster and jump further, can also stop an enemy from moving
File:Zelda Oracles Cane of Somaria.png Cane of Somaria Ch.5 ( ): Crown Dungeon Creates a block in front of the player
shield2 Iron Shield Ch.6 ( ): Crescent Island Tokay Trader (Ambi's age) Immune to more attacks than Wooden Shield
File:Zelda Oracles Boomerang.PNG Boomerang Ch.6 ( ): Target carts Mini-game 2nd time Stop an enemy from moving, activate switches across rooms, retrieve items
harp4 Tune of Ages Ch.7 ( ): After rescuing Nayru in Ambi's Palace Warp freely through time
hook2 Long Hook Ch.7 ( ): Quicker and longer than the Switch Hook
Items exclusive for linked game
sword3 Master Sword Ch.5 (linked game): Trading items quest Attack: 5
shield3 Mirror Shield Ch.6 (linked game): Crescent Island Tokay Trader (Ambi's age) Best shield
File:Zelda Oracles Bomb.png Bombs upgrade Ch.4 (linked game): Talk to the Oracle of Secrets Carry 50 bombs instead of 30.
seed1 Seed Satchel upgrade Ch.4 (linked game): Talk to the Oracle of Secrets Carries 99 seeds per type
box3 L-3 Ring Box Password-linked Holds 5 rings, the maximum amount
sword4 Biggoron's Sword Ch.6 (linked game): Return Linking Attack: 5
File:Zelda Oracles Bombchu.png Bombchu Ch.5 (linked game): ?? ??

Key items edit

Item Location Effect
File:Zelda Oracles Mermaid Suit.png Mermaid Suit Mermaid's Cave B button to go to the seabed field and press {{gb| Neutral| Dpad to swim
File:Zelda Oracles Mermaid Key.png Mermaid Key Give the Letter of Introduction to Graceful Goron (Present), then defeat him Needed to enter the Mermaid's Cave (Present)
File:Zelda Oracles Zoras Flippers.png Zora's Flippers Cheval's Grave A and dive by pressing {{gb| B
File:Zelda Oracles Magic Potion.png Magic Potion Sold at Syrup's Shop, can receive from Maple event Revive the player when dead
File:Zelda Oracles Maku Seed.png Maku Seed Maku Tree after collecting all 8 Essences Break the spell of Onox's Castle
File:Zelda Oracles Graveyard Key.png Graveyard Key Room behind the tomb at Yoll Graveyard Needed to enter Spirit's Grave
File:Zelda Oracles Rickys Glove.png Ricky's Gloves Found under Stone in Beach Ricky will help you out
File:Zelda Oracles Cheval Rope.png Cheval Rope Cheval's Grave Needed to make a raft
File:Zelda Oracles Island Chart.png Island Chart Tingle Needed to sail on a raft
File:Zelda Oracles Scent Seedling.png Scent Seedling Mini-game on Crescent Island Needed to get the Scent Seeds
File:Zelda Oracles Cracked Tuni Nut.png Tuni Nut|Cracked Tuni Nut Middle house in Symmetry Village Needed to get the Tuni Nut
File:Zelda Oracles Tuni Nut.png Tuni Nut Get the Cracked Tuni Nut fixed by Patch Needed to stop the volcano in Symmetry Village
File:Zelda Oracles Crown Key.png Crown Key Rescue the Goron Elder Needed to enter the Crown Dungeon
File:Zelda Oracles Symbol of Brotherhood.png Symbol of Brotherhood Goron's Dancing Mini-game (1st time) Needed to get past the guard in front of the Goron Dance Hall
File:Zelda Oracles Rock Brisket.png Rock Brisket Target Carts Mini-game Needed to get the Goron Vase
File:Zelda Oracles Lava Juice.png Lava Juice Goron Shooting Gallery (Past) Needed to get the Letter of Introduction
File:Zelda Oracles Goron Vase.png Goron Vase Give the Rock Brisket to the guardian at the Goron Dance Hall (Present) Needed to get the Goronade
File:Zelda Oracles Goronade.png Goronade Give the Goron Vase to the guardian at the Goron Dance Hall (Past) Needed to open the Bomb-Dodging game at the Big Bang
File:Zelda Oracles Letter of Introduction.png Letter of Introduction Collect Old Mermaid Key and Lava Juice Needed to get the Mermaid Key
File:Zelda Oracles Old Mermaid Key.png Old Mermaid Key Prize for the Bomb-Dodging game at the Big Bang Needed to enter the Mermaid's Cave (Past)
File:Zelda Oracles Library Key.png Library Key Rescue King Zora (Present) after rescuing King Zora (Past) Needed to enter the Library
File:Zelda Oracles Book of Seals.png Book of Seals Library of the Present Needed to get the Fairy Powder at the Library in the past
File:Zelda Oracles Fairy Powder.png Fairy Powder Library in the Past Needed to break the curse of the Fairy Queen
File:Zelda Oracles Zora Scale.png Zora Scale Finish Jabu-Jabu's Belly Needed to enter the Sea of Storms
File:Zelda Oracles Tokay Eyeball.png Tokay Eyeball Exchange the Zora Scale Tablet for this with the Pirate Captain Needed to enter Veran's Castle
File:Zelda Oracles Slate.png Slate Ancient Tomb Four are needed to unlock the stairs to the Boss Key in the Ancient Tomb

Essence of Time edit

Item Location Effect
File:Zelda Oracles Eternal Spirit.png Eternal Spirit Ch.1: Spirit's Grave Even after life ends, it speaks across time to the heart.
File:Zelda Oracles Ancient Wood.png Ancient Wood Ch.2: Wing Dungeon It whispers only truth to closed ears from out of the stillness.
File:Zelda Oracles Echoing Howl.png Echoing Howl Ch.3: Moonlit Grotto It echoes far across the plains to speak to insolent hearts.
File:Zelda Oracles Burning Flame.png Burning Flame Ch.4: Skull Dungeon It reignites wavering hearts with a hero's burning passion.
File:Zelda Oracles Sacred Soil.png Sacred Soil Ch.5: Crown Dungeon All that lies sleeping in the bosom of the earth will know the nourishing warmth of the Sacred Soil.
File:Zelda Oracles Lonely Peak.png Lonely Peak Ch.6: Mermaid's Cave It is a proud, lonely spirit that remains stalwart, even in trying times.
File:Zelda Oracles Rolling Sea.png Rolling Sea Ch.7: Jabu-Jabu's Belly The mystical song of the sea roars into a crashing wave that sweeps heroes out into adventure.
File:Zelda Oracles Falling Star.png Falling Star Ch.8: Ancient Tomb The eternal light of this heavenly body acts as guide to the other essences.

Trading items edit

See also: Trading Sequence

Collectible items edit

Item Location Effect
File:Zelda Oracles Compass.png Compass Dungeons Show where Boss is.
File:Zelda Oracles Boss Key.png Boss Key Dungeons Open Door to Boss Room.
File:Zelda Oracles Dungeon Map.png Dungeon Map Dungeons Show Map of Dungeon.
File:Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seed Dungeon chests and hidden locations. varied effects
File:Zelda Oracles Heart Container.png Heart Container Dungeons Defeat Dungeon Boss.
File:Zelda Oracles Ring 00.png Magic Ring See Rings varied effects
File:Zelda Oracles Piece of Heart.png Piece of Heart See Heart Pieces Collect four to make a full File:Zelda Oracles Heart Container.png Heart Container.
File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key Dungeons Open locked Doors or Blocks.