The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Enemies

Arm Mimic edit

File:LOZ Oos Arm Mimic.png

Threat: 5/10

Speed: Medium

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Defence: L-1 Sword:3 hits, L-2 Sword:1 hit, L-3 Sword:1 hit

Description: Arm Mimics are not very common. Possibly the reason they are scarce, is due to the fact that they can be very annoying to encounter. They mirror your every move. If you move up, they move down, if you move left, they move right, and visa-versa. It is recommended that you move up to them slowly, and slash at them until they are destroyed.

Armos edit

File:LOZ Oos Armos (Red).png

Threat: 6/10

Speed: Medium

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Defence: Invincible to everything, but bombs and the Biggoron Sword:1 bomb, or 1 slash from the Biggoron Sword

Description: Armos will stay where they are unless you trigger a specific switch. These enemies are very frustating to kill since the only things that kill them are bombs and the biggoron sword. Since the biggoron sword isn't available until lategame, and there are fewer armos then, this can add to the frustration. Therefore, it's best to rely on bombs to deal with them, at least when they're initially found.

Ball and Chain Trooper edit

File:LOZ Oos Ball and Chain Trooper.png

Threat: 7/10

Speed: Slow

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Spiked Ball: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defence: L-1 Sword:4 hits, L-2 Sword:2 hits, L-3 sword:1 hit

Description: As their name implies the enemies have ball and chains that they use to hurt you. In larger areas, it would probably be best to just avoid them. Whenever one of these guys hurls their ball and chain at you dodge it and slash him with your sword. DO NOT attempt to slash them multiple times, you could get hurt many times doing this. You have to be patient when fighting these enemies.

Bari edit

File:LOZ Ooa Bari.png Threat: 6/10

Speed: Medium

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Electric Shock: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Defense: L-1 Sword: 1 Hit L-2 Sword: 1 Hit L-3 Sword: 1 Hit

Description: This jellyfish enemy will surround itself with electricity momentarily. Whenever its not doing this slash at it. This causes it to split into two Biri, smaller versions of Bari.

Beamos edit

File:LOZ Oos Beamos.png

Threat: 6/10

Speed: Medium

Attacks: Beam: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defense: Invincible

Description: A live statue that shoots a beam whenever it sees you. It's no use fighting it since it's invincible, so just run away from it when it sees you. If you have Roc's Feather/Cape you should use it to jump over the beam.

Beetle edit

File:LOZ Oos Beele.png

Threat: 1/10

Speed: Slow

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defense: L-1 Sword: 1 hit, L-2 Sword: 1 hit, L-3 Sword: 1 hit

Description: Basically the weakest enemy in the entire game. Beetles don't even try to attack you, and the have the second lowest damage ratio. Just slash it once with your sword to kill it.