The Devonshire Manuscript/love doth againe

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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lengre to muse Wythe seruing still
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 80v

 f. [80v] 

and thys

1    love doth againe
2    anput me to payne
3    and yet all is but lost
4    I ser{{s}8}ue yn vayne
5    and am certeyne
6    of all misliked most

7    bothe heate and colde
8    dothe so me holde
9    and com{_o}brid so s my minde
10    that when{_e} I shulde
11    speke and beholde
12    yt dryvithe me still behinde

13    mye wittis be paste
14    my lif dothe waste
15    my com{_o}forte is exild
16    and I in haste
17    am like to taste
18    how love hathe me gbegilde

19    Onles that right
20    maye yn her sight
21    obtaine pitye and grace
22    whye shulde a wight
23    have bewtye bright
24    yf mer{m'}cye have no place

25    Yett I alas
26    am in soche cace
27    that bak I can{_a}not goo.
28    but still forthe trace
29    a patiente pace
30    and suffre secret woo

31    ffor with{w+t+} the winde
32    my fyred mynde
33    dothe still inflame
34    and she vnkinde
35    that ded me binde
36    dothe turne yt all to game

37    Yet can no payne
38    make me refraine
39    nor here & there to range
40    I shall retaine
41    hope to obtayne
42    her hert that{{th}+t+} is so straunge

43    But I require
44    the payne full fire
45    that oft dothe make me suete
46    for all my yre
47    withe lyke desire
48    to gyve her herte a hete /

49    Then shall she prove
50    howe I her love
51    and what I have offerde
52    wiche shulde her move
53    for to remove
54    the paynes that{{th}+t+} I have sulffrd

55    and bettre ffe
56    then she gave me
57    she shall of me attayne
58    for whereas she
59    shewde crueltye
60    she shall my hert obtayne


Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. The lover counts on the lady’s mercy and hopes that he shall win her by remaining constant. This poem is also one of seventeen entries where Margaret Douglas marks “and thys.” Paul Remley has suggested that these annotations relate to another in-text annotation of hers, “lerne but to syng it” (on "now all of chaunge" (81r)), and may indicate a group of texts to be learned for entertaining.[2]

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Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit


Collation edit

1      love] Love DBla09     doth] hathe DBla09     againe] agayne DBla09 
3      and] & DBla09     is] ys DBla09 
4      yn] in DBla09 
5      certeyne] certayne DBla09 
6      misliked] myslyked DBla09 
7      bothe] Bothe DBla09     heate] het DBla09     colde] cold DBla09 
8      dothe] Dothe DBla09     so]  DBla09     holde] behold DBla09 
9      combrid] combr DBla09     s]  DBla09     minde] mynd DBla09 
10      shulde] shuld DBla09 
11      speke] speak DBla09     beholde] be bold DBla09 
12      dryvithe] drawith DBla09     still] styll DBla09     behinde] behynd DBla09 
13      mye wittis] My wyttes DBla09     paste] past DBla09 
14      lif] lyf DBla09     waste] wast DBla09 
15      comforte is exild] comffort ys exyled DBla09 
16      haste] hast DBla09 
17      like] lyk DBla09     taste] tast DBla09 
18      gbegilde] begyllid DBla09 
19      right] Ryght may im DBla09 
20      maye] may DBla09     yn her] in her DBla09     sight] syght DBla09 
21      obtaine pitye and grace] optaye pety & gra DBla09 
22      whye] why DBla09     shulde] shuld DBla09     wight] wyght DBla09 
23      have] haue DBla09     bewtye] bewty DBla09     bright] bryght DBla09 
24      mercye] marsye DBla09     have] haue DBla09     place] place DBla09 
25      Yett] Yet DBla09 
26      am in soche] an in suche DBla09     cace] case DBla09 
27      goo.] goo DBla09 
28      still] styll DBla09 
29      a] A DBla09     patiente] pacient DBla09 
30      and] & DBla09     suffre] suffer DBla09     secret] seckret DBla09     woo] woo / DBla09 
31      with] wythe DBla09     winde] wynd DBla09 
32      fyred] fyered DBla09     mynde] mynd DBla09 
33      still] styll DBla09     inflame] incres in flame DBla09 
34      vnkinde] vnkynd DBla09 
35      ded] dyd DBla09     binde] bynd DBla09 
36      turne] torne DBla09     yt] yet DBla09 
37      Yet] yet DBla09     payne] paygne DBla09 
38      refraine] reffrayne DBla09 
39      &] nor DBla09     there] ther DBla09 
40      retaine] retayne DBla09 
41      hope] hop DBla09     obtayne] attayne DBla09 
42      her] a DBla09     hert] hart DBla09     is] ys DBla09     straunge] strange DBla09 
43      require] requyer DBla09 
44      payne full] paynffull DBla09     fire] ffyer DBla09 
45      make] mak DBla09     suete] swere DBla09 
46      yre] hyer DBla09 
47      withe] with DBla09     lyke] lyk DBla09     desire] desyere DBla09 
48      gyve] geve DBla09     her] here DBla09     herte] hart DBla09     hete /] hette DBla09 
50      howe] how DBla09 
51      and] & DBla09     have] haue DBla09     offerde] her offeryd DBla09 
52      wiche] whiche DBla09     shulde] shuld DBla09     her] here DBla09 
53      for] ffor DBla09 
54      paynes] payne DBla09     have sulffrd] hau sufferd DBla09 
55      and] A DBla09     bettre] better DBla09     ffe] ffee / DBla09 
56      gave] geve DBla09     me] me/ DBla09 
58      for] ffor DBla09     whereas] wher as DBla09 
59      shewde] showyd DBla09     crueltye] creweltye DBla09 
60      my] me DBla09     hert] hart DBla09     obtayne] optayne DBla09