The Devonshire Manuscript/Yff I had sufferd thys to yow vnware

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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May not thys hate from the estarte The hart & servys to yow profferd
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 11r

 f. [11r] 

1    Yff I had sufferd thys to yow vnware
2    myn were the fawte & yow nothynge to blame
3    but syns yow know my wo & All my care
4    Why do I dy alas for shame for shame

5    I know ryght well my face my loke my terys
6    myn yeys my word es {es} & eke my dere chere
7    hathe cryyd my dethe full oft vnto yor erys
8    herd off beleffe it dothe apere apere

9  {{th}+t+}{t'}   A better proffe I se that ye wold have
10    how I am dede therfore when ye here tell
11    beleve yt not altho ye se my grave
12    cruell vnkynd I say farwell farwell

ffynys quod {q+d+}Wyatts

Commentary edit

Entered by H2, this poem is an excerpt from Sir Thomas Wyatt's poem “Heaven and earth and all that hear me plain.”[1] Like the previous poem, this poem also features a description of a cruel, unrelenting woman.

This poem and the one on the facing page "May not thys hate from the estarte" (10v) appear to be imitative repetitions of each other.

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Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit


Collation edit

1      Yff] Yf LEge49     sufferd] suffered LEge49     thys] this LEge49     yow] you LEge49 
2      yow] you LEge49     nothynge] nothing LEge49 
3      yow] you LEge49     wo] woo LEge49     All] all LEge49 
4      Why] why LEge49 
5      ryght] right LEge49     loke] lowke LEge49     terys] teeres LEge49 
6      yeys] Iyes LEge49     dere] drery LEge49     chere] chiere LEge49 
7      hathe] have LEge49     cryyd] cryd LEge49     dethe] deth LEge49     yor] your LEge49     erys] eres LEge49 
8      off] of LEge49     beleffe] belefe LEge49     dothe] doeth LEge49     apere] appere: LEge49     apere] appere LEge49 
9      proffe] prouff LEge49     wold] would LEge49 
10      am] ame LEge49     therfore] therefore LEge49 
11      beleve yt] beleveit LEge49     altho] all tho LEge49 
12      vnkynd] vnknynd LEge49     farwell] farewell : LEge49     farwell] farewell LEge49