The Devonshire Manuscript/The knot which fyrst my hart dyd strayn

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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In faythe methynkes yt ys no Ryght He Robyn gentyll robyn
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 22v

f. [22v] 


1    The knot which fyrst my hart dyd strayn1
2    Whan that your sarwant I becam
3    doth bynd me styll for to Remain
4    all wais

fynys quod Ihon

Notes & Glosses edit

     1. This writer spells the word 'did' differently in the two versions he or she writes.

Commentary edit

Although this poem is attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1], H10 attributes the poem to a "Iohn." Entered by H3, "The knot which fyrst my hart dyd strayn" (22v) is actually an excerpt of a longer poem, which appears three times in the manuscript ("The knot which fyrst my hart did strayn" (23r-23v) and "The knott whych ffyrst my hart dyd strayn /" (32v-33v)). Leaving the poem unfinished on 22v, H10 continues with the next poem "He Robyn."

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Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit

DBLa21, LDev037, LDev051

Collation edit

1 The knot which] the that DBla21 knot] knott LDev051 which] whych LDev051 fyrst] ffyrst LDev051 furst DBla21 dyd] did LDev037 LDev051
2 Whan] whan LDev037 when DBla21 your] yowr LDev051 thy DBla21 sarwant] saruant LDev037 servannt LDev051 servant DBla21 becam] be cam / LDev051
3 doth] Doth LDev037 bynd] bynde LDev051 Remain] remain LDev037 Remayne / LDev051 remayn DBla21
4 all wais] always yowr own as now I am DBla21 wais] was yor owne as now I am LDev037 was yowr owne as nowe I am / LDev051
5 ] and if you fynd that I do fayne LDev037 And yff ye fynde that I do ffayn / LDev051 & yff ye fynd that I do fayn DBla21
6 ] with Iust Iugement my self I dam ene LDev037 with Iust Iudgement my selffe I dam / LDev051 with Iust judgment my self I dam DBla21
7 ] To haue Dysdain LDev037 to haue dysdayn / LDev051 to haue dysdy wyth desdayne DBla21
8 ] If other thought In me doo groo LDev037 Iff other thowght in me do growe / LDev051 yf thowght In me do groo DBla21
9 ] bot styl too lov youe stedfastlye LDev037 butt styll to love yow stedefastly / LDev051 but styll to loue the you stedfastly DBla21
10 ] yf that the proff doo not well shoo LDev037 if that the profe do nott well showe / LDev051 yff the proffe do no forth shoo DBla21
11 ] that I am yours Asorydly LDev037 that I am yowrs Assueredly / LDev051 that I am yowrs assuerydly DBla21
12 ] let eure wellth turne me to woo LDev037 lett euery welth turne me to woe LDev051 lett euery welth all my yoy turne me all to woo DBla21
13 ] and yov to be contunvally LDev037 And yow to be contynually / LDev051 to beontynually DBla21
14 ] my chefest ffoo LDev037 My chefest foo / LDev051 my chefyst f DBla21
15 ] If other low or new Request LDev037 Iff other love or newe request / LDev051 yff other thoht or new request DBla21
16 ] doo cese my hart but only this LDev037 do cesse my hart but only thys / LDev051 do sese my hart but only thys DBla21
17 ] or if within my weryd brest LDev037 or yf within my weryd brest / LDev051 & yff wythIn my weryd brest DBla21
18 ] be hyd on thought that mene amys LDev037 be hyd one thowght that mene Amys / LDev051 be hyd on thowght that mene amys DBla21
19 ] I do desyer that myn vnrest LDev037 I do desyer that myne vnrest / LDev051 I do desyer that my nrest DBla21
20 ] may styll encrese and I to mys LDev037 may styll encrease and I to y mysse / LDev051 may styll Incres & I to mys DBla21
21 ] that I lov best LDev037 that I love best / LDev051 that I loue best DBla21
22 ] If In my low ther be on spott LDev037 Yff in my love ther be one spott / LDev051 yff my loue be hyd on spoot DBla21
23 ] of false desaytt or dobylnes LDev037 off false deceyte or doblenes / LDev051 off fals decete & dublylnes DBla21
24 ] or if I mynd to slyp thys knot LDev037 or yff I mynd to slypp thys knott / LDev051 or yff I mynd to slyp the knoot DBla21
25 ] be want of faithe or stedfastnes LDev037 by want of fayth or stedefastnes / LDev051 by want off fayth or stedfastnes DBla21
26 ] Let all my sarwyce be for gott LDev037 lett All my sorowys be forgott / LDev051 let all my servys be forgoot DBla21
27 ] And when I wold haue chefe Redres LDev037 And when I wuld haue cheefe redresse LDev051 & when I wold haue sefe redres DBla21
28 ] Estem me nott LDev037 Esteme me nott LDev051 esteme me nott DBla21
29 ] What if that I consume In paine LDev037 But yff that I consume in payn / LDev051 but yff that I consume In payn DBla21
30 ] of burinngburning syghes and fervent lowe LDev037 with burnynge syghes & fervent love / LDev051 wyth do burnyng syghes & farvent loue DBla21
31 ] And daly seke no nother gayne LDev037 And daly seke non other gayn / LDev051 and dyly seke non other gayn DBla21
32 ] bot with my ded thes wordes to prow LDev037 but with my dede thes wurdes to prove LDev051 but wyth my dedes thes wordes to proue DBla21
33 ] methink of ryght I shuld optayn LDev037 me thynke off Ryght I shuld optAyne LDev051 e thynkes off yght I shuld obtayn DBla21
34 ] that ye wold mynd for to remove LDev037 that ye wuld mynde for to remove LDev051 that ye shuld mynd for to remoue DBla21
35 ] your gret desdayn LDev037 yowr gret dysdayn LDev051 your gret dysdayn DBla21
36 ] And for the end of thys my song LDev037 And for the ende off thys my songe / LDev051 and nend off thys my song DBla21
37 ] wnto your handes I doo submit LDev037 vnto yowr handys I do submytt / LDev051 In to yowr handes I do submytt DBla21
38 ] my dedly greff and payns so strong LDev037 my dedly greff and payns so stronge / LDev051 the dedly grefe the payn so strong DBla21
39 ] Whych in my hert be fermly shytt LDev037 whych in my harte be fermly shytt LDev051 wych In my hart be fyrmly shytt DBla21
40 ] and when ye lyst redres me wrong LDev037 And when ye lyst redresse my wronge LDev051 and when ye lyst redres my wrog DBla21
41 ] sens well ye know this paynfull syghteffytt LDev037 syns well ye knowe this paynfull fytt LDev051 sens well ye knoo thys paynfyll fytt DBla21
42 ] Hath last tto long LDev037 Hath last to longe LDev051 hath last to l DBla21