The Devonshire Manuscript/My hope alas hath me abusid

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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I am not ded altho I had a falle Me list no more to sing
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 74v

 f. [74v] 

1    My hope alas hath me abusid
2    and vaine reioising hathe me fed
3    lust and Ioye have me refusid
4    and careful playnt is in there sted
5    to moche avauncing slakte my spede
6    mirthe hathe causid my hevines
7    and I remaine all com{_o}fortelesse /

8    Whereto ded I assure my thought
9    with{w+t+}out displeasure stedfastelye
10    in fortunes forge my Ioye was wrought
11    and is revoltid redelye
12    I am mistakin wonderuslye
13    for I thought nought but faithfulnes
14    yet I remaine all com{_o}forteles

15    In gladsome chere I ded delight
16    {m'}{{th}+t+} till that delight ded cause me smarte
17    and all was wrong were I thought right
18    for right it was that{{th}+t+} my true harte
19    shulde not for trouthe be set aparte
20    sins trouthe ded cause my herdines
21    yet I remaine all com{_o}forteles

22    Some tyme delight ded tune my song
23    and lede my herte full plesauntelye
24    and to my self I saide among
25    my hap is com{_o}ming hastelye
26    but yt hathe happd con{_o}trarye
27    Assuraunce causith my distresse /
28    and I remaine

29    then if my note now doth varye
30    and leave his won{_o}td plesauntenesse
31    the hevye burdin that I carrye
32    hathe altred all my Ioyfullnes
33    no pleasure hathe still stedfastnes
34    but haste hathe hurte my happines
35    and I Remayne/


Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. The speaker enjoys good luck, but progresses too quickly and meets with adversity. Where he expects faithfulness, he is met instead by ill fortune. This lyric does not name love or a lady expressly as the speaker’s pursuit.

H8 marks stanzas in several ways in this poem: by using a capital letter at the start of each first line, by writing the first line of each stanza slightly to the left of the following lines, and by adding a space between each stanza.

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Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit

AAH07, LEge21

Collation edit

1 alas] Alas LEge21 abusid] abused AAH07 LEge21
2 and] And AAH07 vaine] vayne AAH07 vain LEge21 reioising] reioycinge AAH07 reIoysing LEge21 hathe] hath AAH07 LEge21 fed] fedd AAH07
3 lust] Luste AAH07 Ioye] ioye AAH07 refusid] refused AAH07 LEge21
4 careful] carefull AAH07 LEge21 playnt] plaint LEge21 there] their AAH07 LEge21 sted] steed AAH07 stede LEge21
5 moche] muche LEge21 avauncing] advauncing AAH07 slakte] slaked AAH07 LEge21 spede] speed AAH07
6 mirthe] myrth AAH07 LEge21 hathe] hath AAH07 LEge21 causid] cawsed AAH07 caused LEge21 hevines] heavynes AAH07
7 and] And AAH07 remaine] remayne AAH07 remain LEge21 comfortelesse /] comfortles AAH07 LEge21
8 Whereto] Wheare to AAH07 ded] did AAH07 LEge21
9 without] withoute LEge21 stedfastelye] stedfastlye AAH07 stedfastly LEge21
10 forge] fordge AAH07 my] mye AAH07 Ioye] ioye AAH07
11 and] And AAH07 revoltid] revolted AAH07 LEge21 redelye] readelye AAH07 redely LEge21
12 am] ame LEge21 mistakin] mystaken AAH07 LEge21 wonderuslye] wonderlye AAH07 wonderly LEge21
13 for] ffor AAH07 thought] though LEge21 faithfulnes] faithfullnes AAH07
14 yet] Yet AAH07 remaine] remayne AAH07 remain LEge21 comforteles] comfortles AAH07 LEge21
15 gladsome] gladsom LEge21 chere] cheere AAH07 ded] did AAH07 ded delight] did delite LEge21
16 delight ded cause me] delite did cause my LEge21 ded] did AAH07 me] my AAH07 smarte] smart AAH07 smert LEge21
17 were] wheare AAH07 wher LEge21
18 for] ffor AAH07 harte] hart AAH07 hert LEge21
19 shulde] should LEge21 for] from AAH07 LEge21 trouthe] trothe AAH07 trouth LEge21 set] sett AAH07 aparte] a parte AAH07 apart LEge21
20 sins] Syns AAH07 syns LEge21 trouthe] trothe AAH07 trouth LEge21 ded] did AAH07 LEge21 my herdines] mye hardynes AAH07 me hardines LEge21
21 yet] Yet AAH07 remaine] remayne AAH07 remain LEge21 comforteles] comfortles AAH07 LEge21
22 Some tyme] Somtyme AAH07 Sometyme LEge21 ded] did LEge21 ded tune] did tewne AAH07
23 lede] lead AAH07 led LEge21 herte] hart AAH07 hert LEge21 plesauntelye] pleasantly AAH07 LEge21
24 saide] said AAH07
25 my] mye AAH07 hap] happ AAH07 LEge21 comming] comminge AAH07 commyng LEge21 hastelye] hastely LEge21
26 yt] it AAH07 LEge21 hathe] hath AAH07 LEge21 happd] happid AAH07 happed LEge21 contrarye] contrarie AAH07 contrary LEge21
27 Assuraunce] assuraunce LEge21 causith] cawseth AAH07 causeth LEge21 distresse /] distresse AAH07 distres LEge21
28 and] And AAH07 remaine] remayne all comfortles AAH07 remain all comfortles LEge21
29 then] Then AAH07 LEge21 note] note : LEge21 doth] do LEge21 varye] varie AAH07 vary LEge21
30 leave] leve LEge21 wontd] wonted AAH07 LEge21 plesauntenesse] pleasantnes AAH07 plesauntnes LEge21
31 the hevye] The heavie AAH07 hevye] hevy LEge21 burdin] burden AAH07 LEge21 carrye] cary LEge21
32 hathe] Hathe AAH07 hath LEge21 altred] alterd LEge21 Ioyfullnes] ioyfulnes AAH07 Ioyefulnes LEge21
33 hathe] hath LEge21
34 haste] hast LEge21 hathe] hath AAH07 LEge21 hurte] hurt AAH07 LEge21 happines] happenes LEge21
35 and] And AAH07 Remayne/] remayne all comfortles AAH07 remain all comfortles LEge21