The Devonshire Manuscript/All yn the sight my lif doth hole depende

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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To cause accorde or to agree Beholde love thye powre how she despisith
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 69r

f. [69r]

1    All yn the sight my lif doth hole depende
2    thy hidest thy self and I must dye therefore
3    but sins thou maiste so easelye saue thy frinde
4    {{th}+u+}{{th}+u+} whye doste thou styk to hale that thou madist sore /
5    whye doo I dye sins thou{{th}+u+} maist me deffende
6    for if I dye then maiste thou{{th}+u+} / lyve nomore
7    sins ton bye tother / dothe lyve and fede thy herte
8    {m'}{w+t+} I with thye sight then also with my smarte /s

fs a ma []

Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H8. The poem also appears in Tottel's Miscellany under the title “To his louer to loke vpon him” (item 90).[2] Wyatt's epigram partially translates Serafino Aquilano's strambotto “Viuo sol di mirarti.”

An outline drawing of a left hand, held up with a thumb outstretched, appears in the margin. An unidentified hand has also entered the letters “a m a” on the page.

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Collation edit

1 All yn the sight] AL in thy loke STC_13860_01 lif] life STC_13860_01 hole] whole STC_13860_01 depende] depende. STC_13860_01
2 thy] Thou STC_13860_01 hidest] hydest STC_13860_01 self] self, STC_13860_01 therefore] therfore. STC_13860_01
3 but] But STC_13860_01 maiste] mayst STC_13860_01 easelye saue] easily helpe STC_13860_01 frinde] frend: STC_13860_01
4 whye] Why STC_13860_01 doste] doest STC_13860_01 styk] stick STC_13860_01 hale] salue STC_13860_01 madist] madest STC_13860_01 sore /] sore? STC_13860_01
5 whye doo] Why do STC_13860_01 dye] dye? STC_13860_01 maist] mayst STC_13860_01 deffende] defend? STC_13860_01
6 for] And STC_13860_01 dye] dye, STC_13860_01 then maiste thou / live nomore] thy life may last no more. STC_13860_01
7 sins ton bye tother / dothe lyve and fede thy herte] For ech by other doth liue and haue reliefe, STC_13860_01
8 with] in STC_13860_01 thye] thy STC_13860_01 sight then also with my smarte /] loke, and thou most in my griefe. STC_13860_01