This Templates auto-categorizes Trainz reference pages containing general information such as tables, data, and other listed information like the glossaries which are most appropriately appendix information.

  • The auto-category Category:Trainz references will then be assert on page composition with the default pipe-sort by the Magic word {{SUBPAGENAME}}.
  • It also presents the messagebox shown above unless the explicit parameter 'inhibit' is defined as 'any non-whitespace character' such as '1':
    • (Format... is a pipe character ('|') after the template name followed by 'inhibit=1' then the }} template closing parentheses):
    • {{Trainz-ref-page | inhibit=glops}} or
| inhibit=34565}}
  • Such pages need to be listed and linked in the Table of Contents of the Trainz references Volume.
  • Place in the top of a Trainz Wikibook reference page—NOT IN How-to or Project organization pages but appendices and list pages of some sort. See Trainz templates for other Trainz project templates easing editing chores.
This template auto-categorizes the page to Category:Trainz references