Note, the above view is 'gimmicked' to show a typesetter's boilerplate message and defines the 'admin' parameter true.

Purpose and usage

This template is used to tag the Trainz Wikibook categories and list messages apropos to the use and classification of the category. It's principle purpose is to identify the Project repsonsible for the category and to auto-categorize all Trainz categories to the Hidden list category: All Trainz categories

switches (default to off)
  1. {{{admin}}}--when defined, the page is classified as Admin, so adds the page to category:Trainz Admin and message changes to Administration. When undefined, page is auto-categorized as sub-admin category Trainz Maintenance.
  2. {{{noMaint|}}} --explicit alternative, overrides the second (normal) case above, the page is NOT classified as Maintenance.
  3. {{{inhibit}}}--when defined, same as admin undefined and noMaint=1, so neither auto-category is placed on the page targeted by using the template.
  4. The template normally always adds a page to Category:All Trainz categories so |ALLinhibit if defined--suppresses inclusion in that category and BOTH the foregoing as well. ? (and any page categorization must be manual).
    'Note: All the above and the are hidden categories unless the user preferences are set to show such.