This template is logically identical with Template:ORP-top and is meant for augmented pages not found in the N3V Games TrainzOnline Wiki.
  • As it's analog, it is used with {{TRSref-bot}} (analog to {{ORP-bot}}) to set off Trainz reference oriented and organized Wiki pages about intermediate, or advanced topics, categorized in category:Trainz references (Trainz reference classed topics) on the Wiki. (i.e. pages that were not sourced and have no analog on the TrainzOnline Wiki.
  • The template presents the alternative default title line:
Trainz Annotated Reference Pages—Miscellany
  • It will not auto-categorize the page to the category:Trainz references, you must use {{ORP-bot}} to do that and more importantly correctly bypass (suppress) or acknowledge CC-by-SA-2.5 licensing for materials and source linkto data quoting the N3V wiki.
  • This template has been modified on this wiki to do page to page navigation as well.