This template is used with {{TRSref-top}} instead of {{ORP-top}} to set off Wiki reference pages, and especially those that are NOT based the N3V TrainzOnline Wiki which need NO attribution to the CC-BY-SA 2.0 License. Use this one on lists, archived dated pages or those using examples of or adapted from the portions of freeware (Public Domain) assets.
  • Lastly, this template closes a <div style=" ..."> HTML block initiated by {{TRSref-top}}. They should be used together as a pair top and bottom of each page.
  • It can be given the {{{1}}} default parameter to alter the sort order of the reference page as listed in that category.

Options edit

  1. define '| cat1=', '| cat2=', or '|cat3=' some-cat-names to add those categories to the page without either "Category:" namespace, nor '[[' or ']]' allowed. (their provided free of charge along with the default pipe linking to the {{SUBPAGENAME}}. See mw:Help:pipe link.