This template is used with {{TRScc-top}} to set off Wikibook's Content Creation HowTo pages (Content Creation TOC), especially those on advanced topics focused entirely on difficult and involved Content Making where {{AM&C-beg}} (or AM&C-top) would be inappropriate.
  • The parameter '|TA=yes' definition will cross-categorize the page as well in the Trainz Asset Management and Creation category:Trainz AM&C.
  • defining either of the parameter '|refs2=something' will add the page to Category:Trainz reference pages, tagging it as well as an official reference page.
  • It can be given the |sort= name or {{{1}}} default parameter to alter the sort order of the reference page as listed in that category.
  • Lastly, this template closes a <div style=" ..."> HTML block initiated by {{TRScc-top}}. They should be used together as a pair top and bottom of each page.


  1. {{TRScc-bot|After}} will list the page under the A pages, after both any page 'Aeroplane' and after 'Aardvark'.

category, just like {{FUN-bot}}.

Options edit

  1. define '| cat1=', '| cat2=', or '|cat3=' some-cat-names to add those categories to the page without either "Category:" namespace, nor '[[' or ']]' allowed. (their provided free of charge along with the default pipe tricking to the {{SUBPAGENAME}} Magic word.
  2. define inhibit or inhib or no to not auto-categorize (used on how-to-edit pages)