This template is a spin-off of the {{Soft redirect}} template, but used for internal links to the page:

[[ {{{bk|Trainz}}}/{{{1}}} | {{{2|{{{1}}}}}} ]], which is assumed to be a future page in the Trainz Wikibook project.
  • An alternative named parameter bk= may be defined, which is the alternative name of any Wikibook.
  • 'bk' also acts as a parameter redefining the auto-category [[category:{{{bk|Trainz}}} Softredirects |{{{sort|{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}}]] .
  • The message may be modified with an outline or blurb about the expected page given as Arg-1.
  • The displayed output will look like the following:

This page is a soft redirect, which creates an searchable link title earmarked as a future topic and title, but temporarily redirects a user to a topic page and/or section of the Trainz Wikibook, which may at the moment give some coverage of the term (title of the article to come).

Idea for this page:

If given an Argument: | plan='some text', the text (outline or scope of page) will manifest here.