This template is used to show priority assessment ratings on WikiProject banners and other places, and to classify them into Category:Pages by priority.

Usage edit

  • {{priority|grade}}
    Where grade is the priority of the page.
  • {{priority|grade|category=category}}
    Define an alternative category link.
  • {{priority|grade|impn=importance}}
    Allows the template to be used with the importance scale.

See also edit

Standard class types
 FB   A   B   C 
{{quality|FB}} {{quality|A}} {{quality|B}} {{quality|C}}
 Start   Stub   NB   ??? 
{{quality|Start}} {{quality|Stub}} {{quality|NB}} {{quality|Unassessed}}
Non-standard quality types
 Project   Category   Shelf   Template 
{{quality|Project}} {{quality|Category}} {{quality|Shelf}} {{quality|Template}}
Priority types
 Top   High   Mid 
{{priority|Top}} {{priority|High}} {{priority|Mid}}
 Low   NB   ??? 
{{priority|Low}} {{priority|NB}} {{priority|Unknown}}