TI-Basic 84 Programming/Picture Variables

Pictures are a relatively easy concept to understand. A picture on your calculator is simply a state of the graph that has been saved as an image. Picture variables can be accessed under VARS:4.

Storing Pictures edit

To store the current graph as an image you simply go to DRAW:STO:1 press enter, then choose a number 0-9 and press enter again. The 0-9 just determines what picture variable you're using (i.e. Pic1).

StorePic 0
StorePic Pic0

Displaying Pictures edit

To display a picture you go to DRAW:STO:2 press enter, then choose the picture 0-9 you want to display. WARNING: This will overlay the picture over the current graph, it will not clear the graph first.

RecallPic 0
RecallPic Pic0

Creating More Complex Pictures edit

Sometimes one graph window is not enough to completely draw your picture. Fear not, for there is a way around this. The first step is to get as much of your picture on the graph as possible. Then save this as a picture. Clear the graph and finish the rest of your picture, overlay the previous picture and save the whole thing as its own picture variable. This can be done several times to create very intricate pictures.

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